Top Online Gambling eWallets for Canadians 2018

Four superior Canadian eWallets for online casino gambling in 2018.

Four Superior Canadian eWallets for Online Casino Gambling in 2018Did you know that, worldwide, there are more than 700 ways to move money in and out of an online gambling account? You won’t find nearly so many serving the Canadian iGaming market. In fact, even in 2018, finding secure, convenient and effective deposit and withdraw methods is one of the most serious issues facing Canadian online gamblers.

Today, we’ll try to help break down the barriers by detailing top four online gambling eWallets for Canadians. These are not necessarily the top four banking methods overall—we’re talking about eWallets only; aka Web Wallets, or Online Payment Processors.

If you’re not familiar with those terms, you’ll probably recognize names like PayPal, Neteller or Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). These are all eWallet services. Unfortunately, despite being the most recognized brands in the world, none of them are eligible for online gambling payments by Canadian players—at least, not anymore.

4 Superior Canadian eWallets for Online Casino Gambling

A lot of online casino players prefer eWallets for banking. These services do incur small fees, especially when withdrawing money, but a lot of people feel it’s worth the added cost, not just for the speed and convenience, but the ultimate in security.

By signing up an eWallet account, gamblers never have to share their financial details with any of the gambling websites they enjoy. While many iGaming sites are highly reputable, it’s common knowledge that the more times you type in your financial data over an internet connection, the higher risk of that info being stolen. Thus, minimizing the requisite entry of that data by using an eWallet comes with its rewards.

Without further ado, here they the top four online gambling eWallets for Canadian players, in no particular order.

#1 Instadebit

Instadebit eWallet CanadaInstadebit started out as a Canada-only payment method. It’s since spread to more than 30 countries, but Canadians continue to get the most benefits out of its use. For example, Canadian players are generally the only ones who are permitted to use Instadebit for both deposits and withdraws.

The registration process is free and incredibly simple. A player’s account is linked directly to their bank, allowing for instant deposits and much faster withdraws than many other methods. Deposits are free, but withdraws may incur a small fee; unless your online casino absorbs these fees, which isn’t uncommon.

#2 iDebit

iDebit Payments CanadaAn iDebit account is very similar to Instadebit in as it acts as a buffer between your bank account and online casinos. However, iDebit is considered a Virtual Visa. Players can pre-load funds into the iDebit account from their bank for use at online casinos. Unlike most prepaid cards, however, withdraws to iDebit are almost always and option for Canadian online gamblers. That feature will depend entirely on the policies upheld by your financial institution.

The fees are minimal, and many can be avoided entirely. If you pre-fund your iDebit account, there’s no charge for making online casino deposits. If not, you’ll incur a $1.50 fee to deposit directly from your bank to the casino. Withdraws always incur a flat fee of $2.

#3 ecoPayz

ecoPayz Canada eWalletAnother great option for Canadians is the ecoPayz web wallet. It’s accepted by many internet gambling sites, and links directly to your bank account or debit card for instant usage, with or without pre-funding.

Deposits can take a few minutes to process, and withdraws generally take a day or two, but that’s standard with most eWallets. As far as fees go, there are nominal charges for all transactions. Unless your making micro deposits and withdraws, it’s worth it.

#4 Entropay

Entropay Online Gambling eWallets for Canadians 2018Entropay has been around since 2003, and can be utilized for both deposits and withdraws at most Canadian online gambling sites. It’s a Virtual Visa card, and because it bears the Visa logo, you can use the virtual card an any online merchant that displays the Visa logo, not just iGaming websites. Even if the casino doesn’t display the Entropay logo, you can still use it as a Visa.

To use the Entropay eWallet, you’ll need to sign up a free account and fund it using a credit/debit card or bank account. The only fees incurred are a small charge, starting at 1%, for loading funds onto the card. Thus, Entropay has long enjoyed the status of one of the top Canadian eWallets for online casino gambling.


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