Blackjack Deposits Using Gift Cards

Hey, you got a gift card for the holidays…awesome! Well, it’s probably not what you really wanted, but this handy blackjack tutorial will teach you exactly how to get that neat little gadget that your mom should have bought you in the first place. Now, don’t worry if you are not a skilled professional or an internet superstar when it comes to gambling, because blackjack is about as simple as it gets for a quick, easy profit. Here’s what you do-

Getting Started

Besides heading over to Bet365 and making your first deposit, you have to master the basics of blackjack strategy before you even think about placing a wager. Now, you probably already know that the dealer has to hit on 16 or below and stands on 17 or above, but it is important that you also follow a few betting rules of your own as well. Keep this webpage open as you gamble at Bet365 and use the chart below to know when to hit, stand, split, or double down. In case you’ve never used a blackjack chart before, the totals on the left side are your hand and the numbers across the top are the card that the dealer is showing.


At first, start out betting conservative and keep it close to the table minimum; the only time you want to start getting serious is when you’re betting with the casino’s money. Now, if your gift card was $25-50 (which gets doubled with Bet365’s deposit bonus) then you should probably be playing $5-10 per hand until you reach at least $30 profit. From there you can go to $20 per hand as long as you remain in the good; drop back to your minimum any time you get close to breaking even.

Of course, this strategy only works if you have a definite goal in mind, so pick one now and stick to it. For example, that retail price of the electronic gizmo that you wanted for your birthday would be an excellent starting goal; once you hit it, quit for the day.

Card Counting

You do not have to know how to count cards or anything like that to win steadily, but if you’re playing at Bet365’s live dealer tables then feel free to pull out some paper and keep notes as you go along. Do not try to actually keep a running total in your head unless you just happen to be a blackjack guru; instead, make yourself a little cheat sheet and actually mark each card as it is revealed. Honestly though, this is not essential; just stick to the basic strategy above and keep your bets consistent. And bear in mind that live dealer games, just like virtual ones, tend to shuffle the cards. So this might not be possible.

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