Thunder Bay Dad wins $350k on The Big Spin

The Big Spin lottery ticket awards $350k to Thunder Bay family.Thunder Bay Dad wins $350k on The Big Spin

Like most Canadian provinces, Ontario supports a vast and lucrative lottery program. It includes several number-drawing games and dozens of instant win, scratch off lottery tickets. One of the most popular of all is a scratch ticket known as The Big Spin.

What makes this particular ticket so exceptional is the range of possible rewards for players. It’s a $5 ticket wherein the player scratches off a series of numbers, and one Lucky Number. If any of the player’s numbers match the lucky number, the corresponding cash prize is awarded, ranging from $5 up to $100,000.

That part is fairly standard. However, if the listed prize is the word SPIN, the player can take the ticket to any retail location. The retailer will scan the ticket on a machine, which then displays an animated spinning prize wheel. The player is guaranteed to win anywhere from $10 to $10,000 on this wheel. Unless the animated wheel happens to display the best prize of all – the words “BIG SPIN”.

If this occurs, the player will take the ticket to the OLG Prize Claim Centre in Toronto, where the biggest possible prize of all awaits. Live on television, the player will spin an enormous wheel, similar to ‘The Price is Right‘ game show prize wheel. The possible prizes on this wheel are all life-changing amounts, scaling from $100,000 up to the highest possible $500,000.

That’s exactly what one very lucky dad from Thunder Bay got to do yesterday. It’s quite an amazing story!

Family Man Wins $350k on The Big Spin Lottery Ticket

Big Spin Lottery Ticket pays Big $350k Win for Thunder Bay FamilyMichael Tallari of Thunder Bay, ON, with his wife Megan by his side, showed up at the OLG Prize Claim Centre in Toronto on October 31, 2018, with his winning Big Spin scratch-off ticket in hand. No doubt, it will be a Halloween to remember for generations to come.

With a huge smile on his face, Michael spun the wheel. Round and round it went, slowly coming to a rest on the phenomenal prize of $350,000. He immediately turned and embraced his wife as they shared in the joy of that magnificent day, and the thought of many more sure to come.

The Tallari’s are the proud parents of two young girls. The youngest is just 12 weeks old, and is one of the reason’s Michael purchased the ticket to begin with. He’d taken their eldest daughter out for the day; a trip to the mall so that Megan could spend some quality time with their new baby.

He explained to lottery representatives that he’d promised their daughter a nice treat if she behaved well on their outing. “She did great!” said Michael. And so, when he stopped at the store to buy her treat, he also decided to treat himself too, purchasing one The Big Spin lottery ticket.

“It was the last one, so I thought – why not?” Michael recounts that fateful day. “When I realized I had a winner, there were so many emotions running through my mind. I thought about my family and about how fun it would be to share the news with Megan.”

The lucky Thunder Bay family plan to some of the money aside for their children’s education, and will be upgrading to a new vehicle. We wish all the best to the Tallari family. Congratulations!

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