Gift Card Betting Strategy

Our office had a little contest going last week due to a crappy gift that our boss gave us for the holiday weekend. We’re still not sure if it was a joke or not, but he gave each of us a $10 Visa gift card and said that he was willing to give any one of us $10,000 if we could turn the $10 into $1,000 at Bet365 within 24 hours. Of course, he only made that offer because it was going to be next to impossible to do…which is why so many of us took the challenge so seriously.

Buying In

Since Bet365 is the world’s premiere sports betting site for just about anything that you could imagine, each of us made our initial $10 gift card deposits and accepted the $10 instant bonus money as well. We all knew that to reach $1,000 would be an incredible feat for any professional off of just $10 (which was actually $20 with the bonus), but I looked at it from a completely different perspective.

Plotting Strategy

The way I figured it, to turn my $10 into $1,000, I would only have to win six wagers in a row. I figured that 20 doubled was 40, double that was 80, and on and on until the sixth bet would double $640 if I won. All I had to do then was find six even money bets that gave me about a 50/50 chance of winning, and then I had to get a little bit lucky.

Initial Wagers

At first I decided to start with the race horses; I figured that if six of the favorites looked good for the day, there would be my $1,000. Well, the problem was that there were not six races with clear-cut favorites, but I figured that the show bets really wouldn’t hurt me either. So for the first few races I picked which horse I thought would win and I bet the entire amount on it to show, but even with four consecutive wins I wasn’t really getting anywhere fast. After two hours I had a total of $47.80 in my Bet365 account, which was good but certainly not great.

Narrowing the Field

Then again, I did a lot better than many of the others in the office. A few people bet $20 at the blackjack tables and lost on their very first hand, while others tried their luck in Bet365’s casino tournaments. Larry (the office idiot) bet on a football match-up that he was really confident about. He was sure┬áhe could find another Leicester City type win, obviously to the fact that you don’t get odds of 5,000/1 for a single match. To make matters worse, the game wasn’t for another three days (which defeated the whole 24 hour challenge thing). A few others ended up doing fairly well and had a few hundred dollars after only an hour or so, so I definitely had to catching up to do.

Sports Bets

I decided to try and go the sports betting route like Larry did, only I was betting on match-ups that were happening right then in real time. Bet365 streams all of their match-ups straight through the website, and I ended up betting on a Squash tournament even though I didn’t know what Squash was.

I did okay and extended my total up to almost $150, but then our local blackjack pro ended up winning his second tournament and won the $10,000 office prize.

To this day I do not know if the boss ever actually paid it or not, but truthfully it was a great lesson for us either way. I honestly believe that four or five of us would have made it to the $1,000 mark if we had the opportunity, but I was extremely happy walking away with $162 from a $10 gift card.

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