The Best Gift Cards For BlackJack

At a glance it may seem like all gift cards are almost exactly the same; people give them to you for holidays or birthdays and you get to go out and buy your own present. Most would agree that such a deal is hard to be upset about in any circumstance, but that does not mean that all gift cards are created equal either. If you’re the type that buys gift cards for friends and relatives during the holidays, then you definitely need to give them as many possible purchasing options as possible; especially if they like to gamble online.

Gift Cards and Gambling

Online casinos and sportsbooks like Bet365 accept a variety of different payment options so that they can cater to just about anyone, but most of the gift cards on the market today would not be redeemable except at the actual store that it was purchased at. Now, that doesn’t mean that there are not numerous ways to convert those other gift cards into cash so they can be used for gambling, but it defeats the whole purpose of a gift to make someone have to work at getting what they really want. Here are some of the gift cards you should purchase instead-

Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards are one of the few that contain acceptance worldwide at any type of retail store or online vendor. This means that you can use them for anything from ordering a pizza in Italy to buying a designer sports coat in London, plus they work just fine for about everything else as well. Another big perk of Visa gift cards for online gambling is that they are 100% protected against forms of fraud or theft, and that’s a piece of mind that is very hard to find elsewhere.

MasterCard/Maestro Gift Cards

MasterCard gift cards are also an excellent choice because of the built-in fraud protection and the company guarantee that you will always receive fair value for the money you spend. Unlike Discover, American Express, and several other gift cards available, the MasterCard is also a worldwide card that is accepted at just about any vendor. It’s great for online gambling as well because it has close to a 100% approval rate, meaning that you will not get turned down because of a misunderstanding in regional laws and regulations.


While you wouldn’t think of these online services as an actual gift card, millions of gamblers around the world would beg to differ. Most of the third party money websites issue debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them so they can be used absolutely anywhere, plus their customers also get the standard fraud and theft protections that so many of the other plans lack. A big benefit of this kind of gift card is that there is nothing to lose; the money goes directly to your gift recipient’s account and stays there until they are ready to spend it.

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