Canadian Local Bank Transfer Casinos

One very direct way of depositing money into an online casino account is through the use of a local bank transfer (sometimes referred to simply as a bank transfer or direct bank transfer). These transfers allow players to make a simple banking transaction, utilizing their bank account funds. Players will transfer their funds to another account in the same country they’re in, thus allowing the transaction to be processed quickly, and avoiding many of the fees and other complications that can arise from international bank wires.

Using a Local Bank Transfer to Fund an Online Casino Account

In order to use a local bank transfer, you should first log into your casino account. In the banking section, there should be an option for “bank transfers” or “local bank transfers.” Unlike other deposit options, which are handled directly in the casino client, bank transfers will be handled by you through your bank. Instead of an option for submitting your payment, then, you will see instructions on how and where to send your deposit.

What makes a local bank transfer slightly different than international bank wires is that you’ll be able to transfer funds to a bank in your country. For instance, if you’re depositing from Canada, the account you will send your funds to will also be a Canadian account.

Once you have the information available on where to send your deposit, it’s time to go ahead and make your bank transfer. This can be done in a number of different ways. In some cases, you may be able to make the transfer through your bank’s online banking website. For other banks, you may have to travel to a physical location where you can make a bank draft or cash transfer to the casino account. Telephone transactions with your bank may also be an option.

Unlike with many other payment methods, bank transfers do not instantly result in money appearing in your casino account. You may have to wait for the transfer to go through, as well as for it to clear with the casino’s bank before you can begin playing with that money.

Casinos that Accept Local Bank Transfers

Since some players may have trouble with other methods, or may simply prefer the security and straightforwardness of bank transfers, a large number of online casinos offer them as an option to their players. The following are just a handful of the many reputable casinos that accept local bank transfers in Canada:

  • William Hill Casino
  • Europa Casino
  • Royal Vegas
  • Spin Palace

Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Bank Transfers

One of the big advantages to using a local bank transfer is the fact that you can be certain of the security of the transaction. If you trust your bank to handle other banking transactions for you, using a local bank transfer simply ensures that you’ll get the same great service when making a deposit to your favorite online casino. It also limits how much of your banking information is seen by the casino, or anyone else.

If there’s one major disadvantage of the local bank transfer, it’s that it does not instantaneously result in money being placed into your account as would happen with some other deposit methods. Instead, you will have to wait for the transfer to clear before the casino can confirm receipt of your funds and credit them to your account. Usually, this will occur in just a few business days.

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