Montérégie woman wins $100k scratching Online Lottery Tickets

Online scratch tickets lead to $100k win for Montérégie, Quebec woman.

Quebec's Valerie Willis wins $100k on Online Scratch TicketsDo you play scratch off lottery tickets? Do you play often? If so, you’ve probably experienced the grief of losing a winning ticket before you had a chance to exchange it for the prize. Valerie Willis of Montérégie, Quebec knows that feeling all to well.

It was, in fact, her frequent loss of winning tickets that lead Mrs. Willis to start purchasing online lottery tickets instead. According to her, she now buys the majority of her tickets from, the official, provincially regulated gaming website of LotoQuebec. It was most definitely among the best decisions of her life.

$100k Win on Online Scratch Tickets

On March 4, 2018, Mrs. Willis navigated her way to Espacejeux, as she usually does when she gets the itch to scratch off a lottery ticket. Among her purchases was a game called Viva Scratch Vegas. It’s a $2 ticket with a grand prize of $100,000, and the very first of Quebec’s online lottery tickets to feature a progressive jackpot.

Mrs. Willis was lucky enough to scratch off the ultimate grand prize of $100,000. Immediately after winning, she says she called up her husband, who was leaving work at the time, to share the good news. Understandably, she says her excitement was so high, she had a difficult time getting the words out over the phone.

“It’s unreal!” she told staff at the prize claim center in Montreal when picking up her winnings. She said that, when she realized how much she’d won, “I burst into tears!”

Valerie has been purchasing the majority of her beloved scratch tickets over the internet since she first signed up an account with LotoQuebec back in June of 2017. With her new-found wealth, she says she will invest some of the money, take her husband on a luxury cruise, and is considering buying their first home.

Viva Scratch Vegas Online Lottery Tickets

Viva Scratch Vegas Online Lottery Tickets from LotoQuebecJust launched in January of 2018, the Viva Scratch Vegas lottery ticket is one of LotoQuebec’s most unique games to date. It is the first to feature a progressive jackpot prize, available on the ticket’s central Bonus Wheel game. This particular ticket offers three games in one.

Game 1 is blackjack card game in which the player gets a pair of 2-card hands. If either hand beats the dealer’s 2-card hand (being closer to 21), the player wins $6. If either of the player’s hands is revealed to be blackjack (total of 21), the player wins $1,000.

Game 2 is a matching game in which player’s virtually scratch off a 3×3 grid. If three alike symbols appear anywhere on that grid, the player wins the corresponding prize, according to the pay table.

To play the Vegas Wheel Bonus Game, found in the center of the card, the player must click or tap the wheel to start the game. The wheel spins around until the player presses Stop. Once the wheel comes to a stop, if the pointer indicates a prize, that prize is won. If the pointer lands on the ‘Progressive Jackpot‘ position, the online scratch ticket’s jackpot pays out.

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