UK Online Casino gets Wrist-Slap for Derogatory Tweet

ASA reprimands online casino slots site for insulting women on Twitter.

Throughout the centuries, women have fought for equality. One of the hardest things to attain was not constitutional rights, but to be free of judgment. An overweight man reading the news on television draws no comment, but on overweight woman is rarely hired for such a position.

In recent years, such views have finally begun to overturn. Women are evolving. They’re becoming more proud of themselves, and their bodies, regardless of length, depth or width. In the UK, a long-time ITV series called Loose Women is celebrating the freedom of women. But it seems not everyone is willing to accept positive change.

Online Casino Slots Site’s Derogatory Twitter Comment

Online Casino Slots Site Insults Loose Women The image on the left was published by ITV to promote the talk show television series. It featuring the complete broadcast team of ladies in classic, one-piece bathing suits. But one UK online casino operator didn’t seem to appreciate the symbolism.Fruity King Casino decided to make the following comment on its Twitter page:

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. #LooseWomen18”

There’s no telling how many complaints were filed against the online casino operator. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) failed to mention that part in its official reprimand of the online casino. I imagine it’s safe to assume the number was very high!

ProgressPlay is the owner of Fruit King Casino, but the company denies any association with or knowledge of the sexist Tweet. ProgressPlay claims that, while it does own the online gambling site, it is under the operation of a licencee. That licencee, says ProgressPlay, is 100% responsible for the derogatory post.

The operator, turn, claimed that the comment was not meant to be an insult towards women. Instead, they argued that the Twitter post was a reference to the show itself being of low quality.

ASA Slaps Operator’s Wrist

The advertising watchdog disagreed with Fruity King Casino’s assessment of the situation. The ASA said that the original image is viewed as a positive portrayal of women and being comfortable with their bodies. The comment, on the other hand, is being seen as ridiculing that portrayal.

Unfortunately, the ASA didn’t do much about it. The regulator ruled that the online casino slots site was, in fact, in violation of the CAP Code, which prohibits any form of media that causes offence and/or harm. The reprimand went no further than a warning, though. ProgressPlay must merely ensure that neither the company, nor any of its licencees, publish content of this nature again.

Fruity King Casino Tweet Removed

Fruity King immediately removed the post from its Twitter feed, but you have to wonder how long it will be before another controversial message appears. They’ve toned down their so-called humor since the ASA’s involvement, but it’s not so easy competing in the UK with iGaming giants like Ireland’s Paddy Power.

That company has been in trouble with the ASA more times than anyone would care to count, all for inappropriate advertisements. However, the oft-hilarious nature of those ads has gained them fame among UK punters. If Fruity King was aiming for humor in its Tweet, the online casino slots operators clearly missed the mark. Likely, they’ve lost a significant portion of their female customer base in the process.

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