Ubuntu Casinos in Canada and Worldwide

Ubuntu Casinos in CanadaIn recent years, the Ubuntu operating system by Linux has soared in popularity. It may not be widespread enough to rival Mac or Windows PC, but millions upon millions of users now employ the expedient OS. It’s had a great impact on the availability of Ubuntu casinos in Canada and worldwide.

Not so long ago, Linux user’s were ostracized by the internet gambling industry. Their numbers were considered too insignificant to be worth accommodating, especially when software developers and operators were still working on Mac, PC and, eventually, mobile optimization.

The industry hasn’t exactly shifted its focus to Ubuntu casinos. It was more like a positive side effect, resulting from the transition to mobile gambling. Internet gaming saw an immense need to convert their game platforms to a single interface that was compatible with all desktop and mobile operating systems, and the end result was optimization for Ubuntu casinos in Canada and worldwide.

How Did They Do It?

In the early days of online gambling, all software platforms were created as downloadable content. If you wanted to play for real money, you had to download a casino suite. Some of the platforms were so large, only a portion of the games would be downloaded to start, while the rest could be downloaded in the background at the player’s discretion.

This was a big problem, because all of the downloads were designed for Windows PC. Mac and Linux users complained that they were unable to play without installing a second OS, or using a Windows emulator program. Back in those days, computers weren’t fast enough to do this without great lag and frequent crashes.

To solve the problem, software developers began converting their most popular games to Flash. In this way, players could access a small variety of casino games directly in their browser, without requiring a download. This opened the doors for PC, Mac and Linux / Ubuntu casinos in Canada and beyond.

Mobile gambling was a slow-growing avenue up until 2007, when Apple introduced the original iPhone. It was the first real smartphone on the market, and quickly led other mobile manufacturers to follow suit. As more and more people began using smartphones on a daily basis, the demand for mobile casino compatibility rose immensely.

Mobile users were able to access Flash games, but the websites that provided them were not optimized for mobile. Most found them to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to navigate.

Again, software companies were forced to brainstorm for a solution. The answer came by way of HTML5, a new scripting language that was wholly compatible with every browser, on every operating system, encompassing desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Ubuntu Casinos on Smartphones and Tablets

Nexus Ubuntu MobileEvery time we read about mobile operating systems in the news, they always mention the “major” brands, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You never really hear about Ubuntu on mobile. But did you know that Nexus actually integrated Ubuntu as the pre-installed OS on several of its mobile devices?

The Nexus 4 (2012) and Nexus 7 (2013) came with the option to purchase with Ubuntu pre-installed. In 2015, the BQ Aquaris E4.5 was released as the first official Ubuntu-based smartphone, with Chinese manufacturer Meizo releasing its first Ubuntu phone later that same year.

As of January 2017, there’s no known mobile devices being manufactured with Ubuntu at the forefront. The good news is that Ubuntu can be installed on most smartphones and tablets, and runs especially smooth on the Nexus branded variety.

Ubuntu Casinos in Canada and Worldwide

Today, Ubuntu users have multiple options for playing real money games online. All Flash-based casino games are accessible to Ubuntu users directly in their browser, via desktop or mobile. Like most things on this popular Linux OS, they run extremely fast and smooth.

Anyone who would rather download casino games directly to their desktop computer will find that there are viable options. However, there are still no downloadable Ubuntu casinos in existence. Like yesteryear, it requires the installation of a Windows PC emulator.

The most popular by far is Wine, which – according to the WineHQ website – isn’t really an emulator, but a “compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications”. New updates are constantly being released, with the latest Wine 2.3 available March 3, 2017. Best of all, the program is much more capable than it used to be, giving players of Ubuntu casinos in Canada and beyond the smoothest experience ever.

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