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Paysafe offers Best Deposit Methods for Online Casinos

EGR says Paysafe is still the industry’s best online casino payment option supplier. Does the name Paysafe ring a bell? Perhaps not. Paysafe Group Limited is a massive, global online payment system company. But it’s best known by the name of some of its most successful products; Neteller, Skrill, PaysafeCard, and Income Access. Those names are much more likely to grab your attention—especially if you’re a member of the world’s vast internet gambling community. For many years, Paysafe—formerly Optimal Payments—has been a top-teir provider of payment solutions. Several of its products have been named among the best deposit methods for online casinos, poker sites, bingo, sports betting, etc. According to eGaming Review Magazine‘s EGR North America Awards, Paysafe is still on top of the market. The company has been performing so well over the last 12 months, its superior products were worthy of not one, but two awards. Paysafe still … Continue reading

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The Stars Group seeks Sky Betting Funding via TSX, Nasdaq

Toronto online gambling juggernaut proposes common shares public offering. The Stars Group is already among the largest online gambling companies in the world. Based out of Toronto, it owns some of the largest iGaming operations in existence. Its portfolio includes online poker behemoths PokerStars and Full Tilt, along with the popular casino and sports betting sites, PokerStars Casino and BetStars. If their latest acquisition comes to fruition, The Stars Group will officially become the largest global operator in the online gambling industry. Earlier this year, the company set its sights on UK-based Sky Betting & Gaming, one of the largest iGaming brands in all of Europe. That company owns real money internet gambling operations Sky Bet, Sky Bingo, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, and Sky Vegas. It also operates several free-to-participate gaming sites as well as the odds comparison domain, Oddschecker. In April 2018, Sky Betting & Gaming and its majority … Continue reading

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Will CGA mimic AGA Priorities for Online Sports Betting?

Canada should mimic AGA’s priority list for legal online sportsbooks. Last week, the US Supreme Court wiped the slate clean, obliterating a 26-year ban on sports betting across all US states, minus Nevada. Immediately after the decision was announced, the Canada Gaming Association welcomed the decision, and responded by imploring the Canadian government to amend the Criminal Code to allow for single-event sports bets. Several other major backers are supporting the movement, including the BC Lottery Corp, and BC Attorney General David Eby, and Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati. It’s safe to assume the CGA is plotting its offense, gathering its ammunition, and preparing for an all-out lobbying war to convince the House and Senate that the time has come to regulate single-game live and online sports betting. The CGA would do well to study the tactics of their southerly cousins. The American Gaming Association (AGA) wrote an influential letter … Continue reading

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Stars Group buys SkyBet… What Happens Next?

Future gets brighter still for Canada online gambling firm The Stars Group. Should SkyBet’s rivals be nervous? As we learned over the weekend, The Stars Group, an online gambling behemoth based in Toronto, Canada, boosted its portfolio with a major acquisition. The company spent a whopping $4.7 billion to acquire UK iGaming giant Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG). So… what happens next? In February, the company snatched up Australian sports betting operator CrownBet. Immediately after that, it was announced that CrownBet was scooping up the Australian branch of William Hill – another digital sports betting rival in The Land Down Under. And now, Stars Group has one of the UK’s largest iGaming groups, SBG, under its wing. Clearly, The Stars Group is working to spread its wings all across the globe, in more verticals than ever before. As the owner of PokerStars and Full Tilt, there’s no question that the … Continue reading

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The Truth about Costa Rica Online Gambling Licences

The precarious controversy of the Costa Rica online casino license. Throughout the years, I’ve stated many times that online gambling companies licensed in Costa Rica can’t always be trusted. Some are perfectly upright businesses, others are rogue operators waiting for enough deposits to come in to secure a tidy profit before vanishing with their players’ money. I realize, however, that I’ve never gone into full detail on the topic. Today, that’s going to change. In the following text, I’ll give a complete blueprint of local laws regarding Costa Rica online gambling licenses. You’ll learn what a company must do to obtain and sustain a license, and the limited number of regulations they are subject to. To better explain the situation, we must start with a brief description of… Costa Rica Gambling Laws Costa Rica has very strict laws on gambling. Residents are prohibited from gambling on any game or contest … Continue reading

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Online Gambling Canada vs US in 2018

Regulatory Climate: US vs. Canada online gambling in 2018 We have a lot in common with our neighbors to the south. We both live in free countries, with federal and provincial/state governments scripting our laws. Canadians and Americans share a lot of cultural and social values, and we have similar industrial interests. But there are a lot of differences too, especially when it comes to the legalities of internet gambling. As for which has the better iGaming model, that’s a highly debatable issue. It really depends on what types of wagers you like to place, and in what jurisdiction you live. US vs Canada Online Gambling Laws – Similarities The most significant thing we have in common with the United States is that neither of our federal governments like to deal with the issue of online gambling directly. Both have identified gambling as an illegal activity, unless authorized by a … Continue reading

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Why Canadian Gamblers should avoid US Casinos

Forget Las Vegas, Canada casinos don’t tax gambling winnings. We Canadians love to travel as much as anyone. Taking a vacation south of the 49th parallel isn’t uncommon. When the winter weather sets in, a warm destination like Las Vegas may sound tempting, but don’t do it! There’s one very good reason why Canadians should never gamble at US casinos. If you win a sizable amount of cash, you’ll be taxed for it. So if you plan to do any form of wagering, stay home. Otherwise, plan a different vacation that doesn’t involve gambling. Canada Casinos Don’t Tax Gambling Winnings Being a native of Canada, it’s hard to imagine having your gambling winnings taxed by the government. It’s never happened here, and that isn’t likely to change in the future. Canada, like most countries on the planet, allows gamblers to keep all of their winnings. The only time a Canadian … Continue reading

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How Canada Gambling Laws differ from The US

In many ways, Canada and the United States have a lot in common. When it comes to legal structure, however, the differences are overwhelming. The fact is abundantly evident in Canada gambling laws compared to those in the US. Half a century ago, there were many similarities. Neither country was keen on gambling throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Gambling still occurred, practically unabated, in underground (illegal) gambling circles. In the US, Nevada became the first major, legal gambling destination around 1930. The states of Iowa, Illinois, and Louisiana eventually passed laws to legalize riverboat gambling to circumvent the Wire Act of 1961 (relating to the ‘transmission of wagering information‘), which reinforced the federal prohibition on gambling in most parts of the country. Canada gambling laws didn’t catch up until the 1970’s, when the Criminal Code gave individual provinces the right to legalize and regulate the activity. Many chose … Continue reading

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US Online Poker a Bust – Move to Canada or go Live

Canada online poker has been thriving for years. Many of the worlds largest operators accept Canadians, giving us access to a wide variety of software platforms and large player pools to compete with. Despite some states legalizing the activity in 2013, the US online poker market has failed to come anywhere close. It was a beautiful picture painted by industry analysts back then, who believed the regulation of online gambling in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey would kick-start a wave of regulation across other states. Shared liquidity would be the name of the game, and the US online poker market would flourish once more, resembling success that hadn’t been seen since before Black Friday 2011. Obviously, that dream never came to fruition. No other states have yet moved to regulate online poker. New Jersey hasn’t even bothered to share liquidity with Delaware and Nevada. And Nevada’s player pool is so … Continue reading

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Antigua Issues Deadline for US in WTO Online Casino Games Dispute

The licencing and operation of online casino games have been an enormously lucrative business for governments, software companies and iGaming operators all over the globe. That’s no longer the case in Antigua and Barbuda, who filed litigation with the World Trade Organization against the US government 13 years ago, and has just set a deadline of January 1, 2017 for the US to comply with WTO’s decade-old compensation ruling. US Cracks Down on Online Casino Games It all started back in 1998, when the US targeted internet gambling operators who accepted American players, declaring it a violation of the 1968 Wire Act. A substantial number of the operators that were effected were headquartered and licenced in Antigua. The island nation estimated that the operation of online casino games accounted for 5% of their total employment, and 2% of GPD. That might not seem like a lot since Antigua has a … Continue reading

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