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Problem Gambling Down in the UK, Others to Follow?

UK sets bar for responsible live & online betting as problem gambling rate falls. For the last five years, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), the authority responsible for regulating all gaming related activities across England, Scotland and Wales, has been setting a strict standard for other reputable jurisdictions to follow. The UKGC’s ultimate goal is to protect customers, prevent fraud, and provide a safe, harmless environment for residents who enjoy gambling entertainment, both online and on land. The latest reports from the Commission show that their ongoing mission has been a successful one thus far. According to a recent poll, the rate of gambling addiction has fallen in the last year. While it’s not what anyone would call a landslide, any reduction in harmful behavior is a good sign for the future, and one that UKGC’s extensive efforts are making a difference. Problem Gambling Rate Down Compared to 2017 … Continue reading

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3 Craziest Roulette Winners of All Time

The craziest winning roulette bets you probably shouldn’t mimic. I’ve seen some pretty wild wagers in my days. I might have even made a few, But none of them compare to the stories I’m going to share with you now. These are the tales of three very different men who took similarly huge risks at the roulette table. I’m not talking about billionaire businessmen who toss millions at the casino every year. I won’t regurgitate the story of Sean Connery’s 3-in-a-row, let-it-ride wins on black 17. Although considerably crazy roulette winners, players like that have nothing to fear from a loss. The guys I’m going to tell you about put everything on the line! Craziest Winning Roulette Bets of All Time Before I get into the details of these stories, please consider just how crazy these actions were. I do not recommend following in their footsteps! Unfortunately, many people have … Continue reading

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MGA Orders 4 Online Gaming Licensees to Cease Operations

The Maltese Gaming Authority promised it would protect online gamblers with a heavy hand, and is proving it means business. In seven days, the regulator revoked or suspended four online gambling licenses, ordering the owners to “cease operations immediately”. After decades of circumspect behavior in the global iGaming industry, a few regulatory bodies are taking the protection of players more serious than ever before. If you’ve followed internet gaming news at all in the last few years, you probably guessed the UK is one of them. The other is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA); the only other international regulatory body to mimic the UK’s bar-setting example so closely. After thoroughly revamping its remote betting guidelines last year, the MGA promised its plethora of licensees that they mean business. Operators received plenty of notice as to what would and would not be acceptable practices come 2019. It was a classic case … Continue reading

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GVC Encouraging Cultural ‘Change for the Bettor’

UK firm GVC Holdings champions greater responsibility in online gambling. Does the name GVC Holdings PLC ring a bell? Unless you’re an industry insider or major player (i.e. high roller) in the iGaming market, it may mean nothing to you. However, some of its operations may sound familiar. How about Bwin, PartyPoker, Ladbrokes or SportingBet? Maybe Coral, Gala Casino or Foxy Bingo? These are just some of the major iGaming brands under the expansive wing of GVC. The UK-based firm is one of the largest online gambling companies in the world. They didn’t get their by ignoring their customers, or the higher powers that enforce strict regulations upon each of their operations. As the company grew over the years, it’s evolved into one of the most respected names in the global market in terms of business and customer responsibility. On Wednesday, GVC issued a press release announcing greater commitment to … Continue reading

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UK Cracks Whip on Online Casino Responsibility

Resolution services will be required to take more responsibility in handling online casino complaints under UK Guidance. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is continuing its steam roll of irresponsible behavior in the online gaming sector. This week, the Commission published a new set of standards pertaining to the management of customer complaints. The new guidelines will go into effect on October 31, 2018. Under the updated provisions, the UKGC expects to see vast improvement in the response to grievances from players. The new rules apply to the gaming industry’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) providers. New Standards for Handling Online Casino Complaints The primary goal of the UKGC’s latest move is to build trust between the industry and customers, giving players the assurance that online casino responsibility is of utmost importance. The new standards are designed to resolve complaints quickly, fairly, and effectively, without leaving consumers in the dark throughout the … Continue reading

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Overview of Online Gambling Licenses and Jurisdictions

Online gambling jurisdictions and what their licenses mean to you. Throughout the world, every law, every ordinance, every code, is managed by a jurisdiction. Whether it’s a city, municipality, county, province/state or country that is responsible depends on whether it deals with a local or federal law. There is no legal statute in the world that is jurisdictionally mandated on a global level. In the case of online gambling, jurisdiction is left to the country in which an operator is licensed. In larger nation’s, like Canada and the United States, the federal government decides what can/can’t be legal, while jurisdictional regulation is left to each province/state. Those are covered separately: US & Canadian Internet Gambling Jurisdictions The responsibility of an online gambling licensing body is to ensure that all licensees are in compliance with the regulatory guidelines of that jurisdiction. In many cases, that means abiding by fair gaming standards, … Continue reading

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The Stars Group seeks Sky Betting Funding via TSX, Nasdaq

Toronto online gambling juggernaut proposes common shares public offering. The Stars Group is already among the largest online gambling companies in the world. Based out of Toronto, it owns some of the largest iGaming operations in existence. Its portfolio includes online poker behemoths PokerStars and Full Tilt, along with the popular casino and sports betting sites, PokerStars Casino and BetStars. If their latest acquisition comes to fruition, The Stars Group will officially become the largest global operator in the online gambling industry. Earlier this year, the company set its sights on UK-based Sky Betting & Gaming, one of the largest iGaming brands in all of Europe. That company owns real money internet gambling operations Sky Bet, Sky Bingo, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, and Sky Vegas. It also operates several free-to-participate gaming sites as well as the odds comparison domain, Oddschecker. In April 2018, Sky Betting & Gaming and its majority … Continue reading

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Stars Group buys SkyBet… What Happens Next?

Future gets brighter still for Canada online gambling firm The Stars Group. Should SkyBet’s rivals be nervous? As we learned over the weekend, The Stars Group, an online gambling behemoth based in Toronto, Canada, boosted its portfolio with a major acquisition. The company spent a whopping $4.7 billion to acquire UK iGaming giant Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG). So… what happens next? In February, the company snatched up Australian sports betting operator CrownBet. Immediately after that, it was announced that CrownBet was scooping up the Australian branch of William Hill – another digital sports betting rival in The Land Down Under. And now, Stars Group has one of the UK’s largest iGaming groups, SBG, under its wing. Clearly, The Stars Group is working to spread its wings all across the globe, in more verticals than ever before. As the owner of PokerStars and Full Tilt, there’s no question that the … Continue reading

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Is Bluffing an Effective Poker Strategy? The ASA says No

ASA pulls PokerStars ad for promoting bluffing strategies in poker. This year, the UK has been cracking down on its internet gambling licencees like never before. Following an investigation that unveiled massive incidents of irresponsible behavior, major operators are facing penalties left and right. The worlds largest online poker room, PokerStars, has had no issues with the UK Gambling Commission as a result of the investigation. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is another matter. Earlier this month, the ASA upheld a decision that PokerStars had launched an inappropriate ad campaign. They say a television ad, which aired in October 2017, promoted bluffing as an effective poker strategy, “exploited inexperienced” players and encouraged “recklessness”. PokerStars Ad Promotes Bluffing Strategies for Poker The commercial shows a hand of poker being played in which the active player is holding one of the worst possible poker hands, 8-3 off-suit. In the background, a … Continue reading

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Are Online Casinos Safe? UK wants more Player Protections

UK taking safe online casinos to new level with pre-play age verification and affordability checks. In terms of security, the regulated iGaming industry is as safe as any online space can be. But what about player protections? Are online casinos doing everything they can to protect minors and problem gamblers from harm? The UK Gambling Commission doesn’t think so. If you’re a responsible gambler of legal age, and you only deposit with reputable casino websites, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you’re a minor committing identity fraud, or using a false date of birth to register an account, your underage venture may soon come to an end. The same goes for problem gamblers who wager with money they clearly can’t afford, or worse, gamble with stolen funds. The UKGC has spent months asking, “Are online casinos safe for players?” A long-awaited review of gambling was just released, and … Continue reading

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