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Gamesys Hit with £1.2M Fine from UK Gambling Regulator

UKGC slaps Gamesys with £1.2 million fine for regulatory compliance failures. Gamesys, a European developer of digital gaming software and content supplier of the immensely popular Jackpotjoy online gambling operation, is reeling this week from a proverbial bitch-slap by the UK Gambling Commission. Following a lengthy investigation, the UKGC found Gamesys guilty of multiple violations, worthy of a combined penalty of £1.2 million in fines. As is often the case when the UKGC’s investigators come knocking, Gamesys conceded to the evaluation of wrong doing and coughed up the 7-figure payment without argument. In turn, the UKGC gave the company credit for making “proactive and timely improvements” to address the violations. Gamesys Fined for Regulatory Compliance Failures According to the UKGC’s media release on Wednesday, Gamesys was penalized for “failing to prevent gambling harm and breaching money laundering regulations.” The Commission’s probe was the result of a police investigation that found … Continue reading

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Can Monkeys become Problem Gamblers too?

Canadian Professor takes Simian Gambling Research to “Outdoor Lab”. Most scientists conduct their research in a lab, where they can control the environment. Experimental requisites generally call for tractability, but not always. In some cases, studying a subject in its own unencumbered environment proffers the most reliable results. That’s what one Canadian professor is banking on as he makes his way to Bali for his latest investigation. Dr. Jean-Baptiste Leca, Professor of Psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, has spent years observing the wily ways of the macaque monkeys of eastern Asia. His observations include everything from the frugivorous creatures’ knack for bartering, to famously reported incidents of female macaques humping the backs of deer in Japan. This year, his intent is to find out if the macaque can take their cultured talents to a new level in the “outdoor lab” of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. Canadian … Continue reading

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Malta shares AIDP’s Vision of Equality in Gaming

MGA gambling watchdog teams up with All-In Diversity Project. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is among the world most respected regulators of the iGaming industry. The Maltese government was among the first to realize the great need for strict regulation of online gambling, establishing the MGA in 2001. In the last few years, the regulatory body has made significant strides in the cultivation of bar-setting standards. But responsibility and customer protection aren’t the only goals on the agenda. Enter stage right the All-In Diversity Project (AIDP). Established in 2017, AIDP is an organization that takes the focus off revenues and profit margins, and places it on diversity and equality in the gaming industry workforce. It’s a vision shared by the Malta Gaming Authority, motivating the European iGaming regulator to team up with AIDP for an all-inclusive future, spiraling headlong into the evolution of human equality. MGA Gambling Watchdog Partners with … Continue reading

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NS Gaming Corp Slaps its Own Wrist

NS Gaming Corp vows never again to fund expert witnesses. When a government agency is in the wrong, and the public finds out about it, the results could be anything from major firings throughout the group, to a slap on the wrist by some higher government organization. In the case of Nova Scotia Gaming Corp (NSGC), they are ostensibly hoping to avoid any range of extrinsic punishment by metaphorically slapping their own wrists. It all stems from a situation that arose in late 2018. The provincial gaming regulator made the shady decision to fund a trip for so-called expert witnesses, who testified in the regulator’s favor. Thanks in part to their testimony, a bill was passed that will inevitably increase revenue for the NSGC. Buying Lobbyists To Shrink Problem Gambling Program The Crown Corporation coerced the three witnesses to travel to Nova Scotia from across the country by offering to … Continue reading

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Problem Gambling groups Concerned by Expansion of Canada Casinos

New Ontario Casinos don’t sit well with problem gambling prevention crews. Every time the public is met with the prospect of new Canada casinos coming to their communities, months of widespread debate ensues. The usual issues always come up. On the positive side, they will elevate the economy and create jobs. On the negative, there’s the social impact and increased traffic. These are all very common arguments, and as we’ve learned over the many years, the supporters usually win the debate in the end. It doesn’t hurt that the corporation proposing the casino generally has community leaders and provincial regulators on their side. But in the municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, there’s a more interesting argument brewing. Too Few Counsellors to Support New Ontario Casinos Earlier this month, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment proposed a preliminary plan to build a new Cascades-branded casino in Chatham-Kent. Community leaders are on board with the … Continue reading

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GIA scraps 2018 Responsible Gambling Operator Award

GIA says ‘No One’ worthy of Responsible Online Gambling Operator award in 2018. The prestigious Gaming Intelligence Awards (GIAs) are one of three major gambling industry awards ceremonies that take place during the annual ICE Totally Gaming conference in London. Everyone who’s anyone – and then some – turn out for the 3-day summit and bevy of ceremonial galas. This year, the GIAs weren’t quite what everyone expected. A panel of 50 judges, made up of long-time industry executives, decides which nominees are worthy of receiving honors. The 2018 GIAs extol the best of the best throughout 2017 across 22 influential categories. But only 21 trophies were actually handed out. None Worthy of Responsible Online Gambling Award Each year, the online gambling industry is expected to increase its efforts towards responsible gambling. While some operators were recognized for doing their fair share, the GIA judges determined that no one did … Continue reading

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Study Suggests Music Haters are Gambling Lovers

Have you ever met anyone who found no pleasure in listening to music? It’s a rare thing, but it does exist, and actually comes with its own scientific classification – musical anhedonics. According to a new study, those who don’t like music may actually love real money gambling. A research team, led by scientists at Quebec, Canada’s McGill University, conducted a study on musical anhedonics in which they tested the brain activity of people who simply don’t enjoy listening to music. The aim was to find out if there’s was a connection in the brain function between known stimuli and reward receptacles. It had nothing to do with the type of music – rock, pop, country, classical, etc. Those who participated in the study, and were found to have musical anhedonics, were unable to enjoy any type of music their whole lives. The results indicate that an estimate 3-5% of … Continue reading

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