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5 Ways Web Wallets are Best for Online Gambling Payments

Online casino web wallet payments the right choice for industrious players. Online gambling is a business that’s been growing at an exponential rate for the last two decades. There’s no indication it’s going to slow down anytime soon, either. The number one concern for players is safety—particularly the safety of their finances. As online casino enthusiasts, we don’t mind taking a risk when we gamble. But we must refuse to take risks with our personal and financial security. This means choosing a payment method that is safe, secure, and 100% trustworthy. Many experienced players will agree, web wallets are best for online gambling payments. Online Casino Web Wallet Payments A web wallet, or eWallet, is an online payment processing company. They are like virtual banks. You set up an account, transfer funds into it from your bank—or link it to your bank account or credit/debit card for direct payments—then use … Continue reading

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Paysafe offers Best Deposit Methods for Online Casinos

EGR says Paysafe is still the industry’s best online casino payment option supplier. Does the name Paysafe ring a bell? Perhaps not. Paysafe Group Limited is a massive, global online payment system company. But it’s best known by the name of some of its most successful products; Neteller, Skrill, PaysafeCard, and Income Access. Those names are much more likely to grab your attention—especially if you’re a member of the world’s vast internet gambling community. For many years, Paysafe—formerly Optimal Payments—has been a top-teir provider of payment solutions. Several of its products have been named among the best deposit methods for online casinos, poker sites, bingo, sports betting, etc. According to eGaming Review Magazine‘s EGR North America Awards, Paysafe is still on top of the market. The company has been performing so well over the last 12 months, its superior products were worthy of not one, but two awards. Paysafe still … Continue reading

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The Safest Canadian Casinos aren’t in Canada

Safest Canadian casinos and where to find them (Hint: They’re not in Canada!) If I were to ask you, ‘Where is the safest casino in Canada?‘, you would probably pick one of the smaller, community gaming venues within your own province. It’s quiet, the staff is friendly, the games are fair. But what if I asked the question a bit differently – Where is the safest Canadian casino? Your answer might vary depending on how well informed you are about today’s land-based operators and whether or not you’ve recently partaken in online gaming opportunities. A tech-savvy, educated gambler would know that the safest options are not even located in Canada. The sad truth is, today’s land-based casinos are actually becoming less safe than the digital variety of desktop and mobile gambling operations. A few years ago, such a statement would be appalling. But not today. Trouble with Land-Based Casinos in … Continue reading

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Utilizing Alternative Payment Methods for Bigger Casino Bonuses

The truth about alternative payment method bonuses and their value to players/casinos.   Online and mobile casinos have always used special promotions and incentives to draw more players to their websites. It’s a highly competitive business – one of the most lucrative in the world. Over the years, many operators have come up with different ways to campaign for players, and many of these methods have been copied by their competitors. The most common is, of course, the new player welcome bonus. These promotions give a new member a big bankroll boost on their first deposit, matching 100% or more in free casino credits. While that extra cash is certainly appreciated, a smaller number of sites will also provide another type of promotion to players who use the right banking method to make that deposit. These are called Alternative Payment Method Bonuses, and they do offer an added incentive for … Continue reading

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The Wide World of Mobile Casino Payment Methods

Mobile casino payment methods have transformed dramatically over the last decade. In the early days, credit and debit cards were the norm. Then a legal shift sent the majority of iGamers to online payment processors, but some brands came and went so suddenly, trust became a dominant factor. Now, the number of deposit options are growing once more. We’ll take a closer look at several categorical options for processing mobile casino payments, and why they tend to appeal to different types of players. Mobile Casino Payments – Credit/Debit Card Credit and debit cards are still among some of the most popular ways to move money into an online casino account, via desktop or mobile. The reason behind their popularity is simple enough. Everyone old enough to gamble over the internet has at least one credit and/or debit card in their possession. It’s not only a convenient option. These deposits are … Continue reading

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Use Visa Debit Casino Deposits for Online Blackjack

Hit, stand or double down? So many decisions! Online casino blackjack players should be able to concentrate on such things without petty distractions, like wondering if their payment method is safe and secure. Visa debit casino deposits alleviate these worries, and give players instant access to their funds. Today we’ll discus how to use Visa debit deposits for casino blackjack – or slots, or video poker, or any other table games you may wish to wager on over the internet – and all the pros and cons involved therein. Benefits of Visa Debit Casino Deposits The pros list for Visa debit deposits is extensive. This payment method is extremely secure, instantaneous, and draws the funds directly from your bank account. In terms of security, the possibility of identity theft is almost non-existent. Operators achieve this by integrating minimum 128-bit SSL encryption during the transfer of all sensitive information. It’s also … Continue reading

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Canadian Casinos and Gift Card Deposits Don’t Mix

I’ve spent a good deal of time researching the best casino deposit methods for Canadians. Although I’d never tried it before, I naturally assumed that gift card casino deposits would be a great option. There’s no transfer of personal or financial information, and their instant payment methods, just like credit/debit cards. Unfortunately, after wasting many hours of time looking for a good prepaid card option, all I found out was that Canadian casinos and gift cards just don’t mix. The object of finding a great payment method is to look for something that is convenient, fast, secure, easy to use, and cost effective. While gift cards are relatively cheap, costing only a few dollars more than their pre-loaded value, they turned out to be less convenient and cost efficient than you might think. The biggest problem turned out to currency exchange. You see, most of the prepaid cards that Canadian casinos … Continue reading

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Detailed Look at Royal Vegas Neteller Deposits

With 15 incredible years of service under its belt, Royal Vegas has become one of the most respected Canada online casinos in the business. It’s my favorite digital gambling haunt, and thus – in my opinion – worthy of its own series of online payment method reviews. In this segment, we’ll examine Royal Vegas Neteller deposits. I’ve been depositing with Neteller for several years now, off and on, and have experienced no problems. Neteller deposits are fast, secure, convenient and highly dependable, but not entirely free. Neteller Deposits at Royal Vegas Casino Neteller is a top choice for Canadians who want to move funds securely in and out of their online casino account. There are nominal fees associated with some transactions. The heightened security and convenience can be is worth it, though. Before you can start facilitating Neteller deposits at Royal Vegas, you’ll first have to set up and fund … Continue reading

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