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NetEnt Launches Avian Super Hero Slot Wild Worlds

NetEnt goes Super Fly! Players now enjoying the fine-feathered features of Wild Worlds Slot. What do you get when you combine the powerful elements of super heroes with a flock of fine-feathered friends from the future? One “super fly” video slot, that’s what! NetEnt has done just that in its latest online slot machine, Wild Worlds. The game boasts an industry average RTP of 96.47%, a medium variance, and a host of fortune-finding features. Our avian super hero friends take to the reels in vibrant colors to defeat the villains of a futuristic world, where wilds, scatters, boss fights, and payouts of up to 1,000,000 coins await! Wild Worlds Slot by NetEnt This is a rather unique game in several ways. Right off the bat, players will notice only half of the screen contains the game’s 5×5 reel grid. Those symbols include 6 standard symbols in three colors; pink, green … Continue reading

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3 No-Brainer Tips for Picking Casino Games

Painless pointers for picking the perfect casino games. Choose to gamble at a live or online casino is not something to be undertaken without careful consideration. It’s a form of entertainment, and like most, it costs money to enjoy. Unlike most, however, it can reward money back to you – sometimes larger amounts of money than you started with. And because of this, it can also become a very costly pastime for some people; particularly those with an addictive personality. Knowing what you’re getting into – what to expect in terms of pleasure, pain and price – is the first step to having a safe and fun-filled experience. The second step is playing the right games that suit your personality and bankroll budget. That’s where I hope to be of some help. Picking the Perfect Casino Games for You I’ve written a lot of detailed content advising beginners on how … Continue reading

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E-Bingo Saves the Day at Jackpot City Sarnia

Electronic Bingo Games a hit at Jackpot City Bingo in Sarnia, Ontario. Throughout the ages, so many once-beloved entertainment venues have found themselves on the endangered species list. Theatrical stages have given way to movie theaters. Board games were overrun by PC and video games. More recently, the world’s love for bingo has been surpassed by the digital realm of slot machines and casino table games. The problem was amplified by a situation a bit too close to home for residents of Sarnia, Ontario. The Canadian province has witnessed the closure of dozens of bingo halls over the last few years. In Sarnia alone, gaming fans remember a time when 11 charitable bingo halls stood tall. Now, just one remains – Jackpot City Bingo on Upper Canada Drive. It wasn’t long ago the Jackpot City in Sarnia nearly saw its doors closed for good, just like all of its former … Continue reading

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Can Monkeys become Problem Gamblers too?

Canadian Professor takes Simian Gambling Research to “Outdoor Lab”. Most scientists conduct their research in a lab, where they can control the environment. Experimental requisites generally call for tractability, but not always. In some cases, studying a subject in its own unencumbered environment proffers the most reliable results. That’s what one Canadian professor is banking on as he makes his way to Bali for his latest investigation. Dr. Jean-Baptiste Leca, Professor of Psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, has spent years observing the wily ways of the macaque monkeys of eastern Asia. His observations include everything from the frugivorous creatures’ knack for bartering, to famously reported incidents of female macaques humping the backs of deer in Japan. This year, his intent is to find out if the macaque can take their cultured talents to a new level in the “outdoor lab” of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. Canadian … Continue reading

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Habanero Launches Comical Slot Machine, Mount Mazuma

Mount Mazuma Slot features hot 97.98% RTP at Habanero online casinos. It’s not often that online slot machines come along with anything better than a 96% return to player (RTP). The RTP determines what percentage a game pays out, over a long period of time, compared to what it takes in. Those typical 96% RTP slots will return, on average, $96 for every $100 wagered on them. That’s a far cry better than what you’ll find at land-based casinos, but nowhere near the best paying slot machines on the digital market. In the final days of March, Habanero Systems delivered a new online slot that not only comes with a fun, comical slot machine theme. It’s also equipped with a tantalizing RTP of 97.98%. As such, the new slots game, titled Mount Mazuma, is already attracting a great deal of attention as it erupts at Habanero-powered online casinos. Mount Mazuma … Continue reading

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Can You Really Win Free Money Gambling Online?

The Fine Print: How to win free cash at online casinos and poker rooms. For nearly two decades, online gambling sites have been luring players with promotions that promise a chance to win money without investing a single dollar. Do these promotions actually exist? Can you really win free money gambling online? Yes and no… It’s true that online casinos offer free credits to play with. It’s also true that free poker tournaments are available to non-depositing players. But there’s fine print involved in all of them, and if players aren’t familiar with the context of those terms, they could be disappointed, if not irate, before it comes time to collect on any winnings. Can You Really Win Free Cash at Online Casinos? The short answer is yes, and here’s why. If you take advantage of a no-deposit bonus – they are getting more and more rare these days, but … Continue reading

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Best Ways to Double Your Money Gambling

Is it realistic to think you can double your money at a casino? Every knowledgeable gambler knows that casinos are not in business to make winners of their patrons. They are in the entertainment business. Thus, the ultimate goal of gambling at a casino should always be the have a good time. Going with the intent of doubling your bankroll is not the recommended course of action. But as we all know, some people do get lucky. Some people win large amounts of money. Some win double what they walked in with, while others win enough to buy a new car, a new house, even start a whole new dream life! Yes, it does happen. Those tales of fortuitous glory aren’t just melodramatic fiction. Despite their rarity, it does raise the question… Is it realistic to think you can double your money at a casino? Walking away with a wad … Continue reading

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Agent Jane Blonde is Back in Action at Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming bureaucrats relieved as “Agent Jane Blonde Returns” to slots reels. A quite sigh of relief was whispered through the digital gambling landscape over the weekend as iGaming bureaucrats learned that one of their most crucial slot machine protectors is back in the field of action. I’m talking, of course, about the long-awaited return of Agent Jane Blonde! Comedic drama aside, Microgaming has finally launched the sequel to one of its most successful online slots creations. The new Agent Jane Blonde Returns Online Slot went live at Microgaming casinos on March 26, 2019, and the response has been fantastic. Immediately following its release, the game has received top-row indexing at well over one hundred online gambling websites. Agent Jane Blonde Returns Online Slot Review Enough with the pleasantries – let’s take a look under the hood at what the latest edition of Mcirogaming’s spy-themed parody brings to the table. It’s … Continue reading

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A Realistic Review of Roulette’s Cost

What’s better for your casino bankroll, electronic or live roulette games? I’m a strong advocate of playing casino games online. I know, some say they’re too quick, or that you don’t get the same social entertainment aspect. But those don’t have to be negatives. I find them both advantageous at times. I rarely have time to visit a land-based casino, but I can play a few games on my smartphone during lunch. Being among friends is always uplifting, but when the guy next to you smells like a brewery and yanks your sleeve every time he wins a bet, being alone doesn’t seem so bad. Then again, there are also times when playing live casino games is more beneficial than staring at a computer or mobile screen. As much as iGaming advocates like myself boast that online games are cheaper, and/or offer better payouts – I’ve said it myself countless … Continue reading

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Maybe These Roulette Bets Weren’t Crazy After All?

Who’s Crazy Now? Roulette strategy says fewer wagers are better. I’ve come across a lot of roulette strategies in my time as an online gambler and archiver. I can tell you right off the bat, none of them are going to give you a positive expectation. Roulette isn’t like blackjack or poker, where a player with enough skill can turn the tides in their favor. Blackjack requires intense concentration and card counting (eligible in a land casino only), and poker, because it’s not house-banked, simply requires you to be a better player than those around you. Strategies for roulette only come in a few very basic varieties. There are those based on betting systems, wherein a player makes a profit – albeit a minimal one – so long as they can avoid a lengthy streak of losses. Then there are those that simply require the bettor to stick to bets … Continue reading

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