Blueprint + Warner Bros = Mars Attacks Online Slot

Funny Online Slots Themes: Mars Attacks Slot by Blueprint Gaming.

Funny Online Slots Themes: Mars Attacks Slot by Blueprint GamingWhen it comes to themes, most online slots games can be deposited into one mass category or another. You have your cultural slots, holiday slots, sporty slots, scary slots—whoa! Thought I was having a Spice Girls flashback for a moment there. Anyway, you get the idea.

One theme that I feel has been grievously lacking over the last two decades is comedy. There aren’t very many slot machines out there that can actually induce laughter from players. I suppose maybe gambling is too serious a concept to imbue with humor on its own.

Fortunately, Blueprint Gaming had the presence of mind to fill the void by collaborating with Warner Bros. on a branded title that’s sure to appeal to the funny-bone of comedy film fans everywhere. I’m talking about the mid December 2018 release of the new Mars Attacks Online Slot.

Mars Attacks Slot by Blueprint Gaming

For anyone who’s seen the classic 1996 Sci-Fi film, you can surely appreciate how this new game is ramping up the small but growing collection of funny online slots themes. In the Tim Burton comedy, starring an all-star cast of Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito and more, martians are seeking out a nice new planet to inhabit. Not only is Earth conveniently close, it’s got a lot of appealing features.

The same could be said of this new online slots title. With 5×3 reels and a 3,125 all-ways pay structure, Mars Attacks is filled with all sorts of wacky ways to multiply your wagers.

Mars Attacks Online SlotAs the game progresses, a spacecraft hovers above the reels, threatening to beam down a host of alien invaders upon the planet at any moment. The random invasion is spoofed by a series of five game modifiers—each taken from actual scenes in the movie script—that can trigger after any spin in the base game. Each modifier bonus humorously enhances the reels in some way, increasing the odds, frequency, and/or size of potential wins.

Landing 3 or more Mars Attacks! Bonus symbols triggers the namesake bonus feature. There are five games that can be played when this happens. The game that triggers will depend on how high the player has climbed the bonus Meter, visible to the right of the screen. The higher the meter, the better the bonus.

Why so Few Funny Online Slots Themes?

Branded sitcoms and comedy films seem to be about the only way to find funny online slots themes these days. Microgaming‘s Poke The Guy was a nice addition, referred to as “simple silly fun” by its creators, but it’s more akin to a first-person shooter game than a slot machine.

Clearly, this is a genre the digital gaming realm needs to see a lot more of. Whether it’s following in the path of the Mars Attacks Slot and similar reel-spinning adaptations like Bridesmaids, and American Dad.

Lately, the main focus has been on intensifying the graphic appeal with HD, 3D, and VR visuals. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why not toss a little laughter into the mix, too? That’s what Blueprint Gaming has done with its latest creation, and for that, we thank you!

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