Real Gambling Slots Tips for Newbies

Real Gambling SlotsDid you ever walk onto a land-based casino’s slots floor? If so, your brain was probably bombarded by all the noise, lights and blindingly ugly carpets. Believe me, this is intentional. Casinos know that these distractions will stop most patrons from thinking too much about the games. Playing real gambling slots online is a whole different experience.

There are many reasons why playing real gambling slots on a desktop or mobile device is preferable to a land-based casino. Most of them have to do with eliminating those distractions, but there’s more to it than that.

Playing Favorites

If you’re the type that has a “favorite” machine, you’ll never have to worry that someone else is using it. In land based casinos, this happens all the time. Many regular players have some special game they want to play – one with a favorite theme, or that’s been lucky in the past. But if someone else is in that seat, you’ll have to wait for them to leave, or pick another game.

This will never happen when playing real gambling slots online. There could be 5,000 players logged on, all playing the same game you want to play. The seats never run out in the digital realm.

Knowledge Is Power

Did you ever try to read a book while there were a lot of people and/or noise around? It’s not easy to absorb the information you’re reading. The same goes for reading a slot machine’s paytable in a land-based casino. Even if you can find a quiet corner away from players, the noise of the other machines is constantly ringing in your ears.

Reading and understanding the paytable is crucial to increasing your odds of winning. This is where the game rules are defined, the features are explained, and the potential winnings are displayed. When you’re relaxed at home on your desktop or mobile device, you can take your time reading the paytable with no distractions.

Play For Pays

When reading the paytable, you have to know what to look for. Paylines, payouts, features and progressive jackpots are all important.

The higher the number of paylines, the more you’ll be paying to play, and the more likely you are to hit winning combinations. If there are many paylines, the payouts for combinations are usually lower. But if there are fewer paylines, the pays should be higher. Hence, you shouldn’t play a machine with low paylines and a low paytable.

The features are all the special things that can happen in a game, like wilds that multiply, expand, or stack; scatters that award free spins; bonus symbols that trigger special second-screen games. Know how these work to maximize their value.

Max Bet, Max RTP

Some real gambling slots require the player to “Bet Max” in order to have the highest RTP, or Return to Player. This is very common in 3 Reel slots, as well as progressive jackpot slots.

Let’s say the paytable pays 100x for 1 coin wagered, 200x for 2 coins wagered, and 400 coins for the max 3 coins wagered. Notice how the payout for betting 3 coins is higher than a natural progressive scale? Instead of paying 300x, it pays 400x. This means a player’s RTP will be higher for betting max coins.

As for progressive jackpots, most machines require the player to meet a certain wager threshold to be eligible to win them. On a 5-reel, 20 payline machine, playing 20 paylines at $0.01 each may not qualify you for the jackpot. You may have to play 20 paylines at $0.05 or more. If that’s the case, the RTP increases with a $0.05/line bet.

Read the paytable – know the rules – maximize your RTP. This is the goal of any good gambling strategy.

Online Slots Always Pay Better

I saved the best for last. Real gambling slots played online will always have a higher payout percentage (RPT) than land-based slots. The reason is simple. Online operators have fewer employees, and way lower bills, equating to less overhead. Since they make more money, they can afford to pay more money.

Online slot machines pay anywhere from 94% to 98% RTP. Land-based casinos range from 87% to 92%. The higher payout percentage is always better.

In fact, Nevada state laws only require slot machines to pay a minimum 75%. Thanks to the high competition on the Strip, most will pay in the average range (87-92%), but knowing a machine could pay as bad as 75% is enough to turn any smart player off land-based slots.

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