Survival Guide to Real Money Online Casinos for Canadian Players

Real Money Online Casinos Check ListIf you want to play at real money online casinos in Canada, there’s a lot of information you need to know. As a first timer, you may be surprised by some of the information found in this text, while other tidbits may seem like common sense. Either way, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the way internet gambling sites operate, as well as the legal landscape surrounding them.

Are You Old Enough?

The majority of first-time gamblers are just coming of age to place wagers. If you live in Canada, the legal age to gamble can vary from one province to another.

In Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, you can start gambling at the age of 18.

All other provinces require you to turn 19 before placing any bets.

Is It Legal to Gambling Online?

Yes. No matter which province you live in, it is legal to play real money online casinos in Canada. However, the availability of gambling websites can vary.

Internationally regulated operators who accept Canadian players (Royal Vegas, BetOnline, etc.) are accessible by all Canadians. If you happen to live in British Columbia, Ontario or Quebec, you’ll also have access to their respective self-regulated websites, which include PlayNow in B.C., PlayOLG in Ontario, and EspaceJeux in Quebec.

The only websites that are truly illegal, according to the Criminal Code of Canada, are those with a physical presence in Canada that lack provincial regulation. Therefore internationally-based websites are not subject to Canada’s prohibition of unregulated operators.

Where Do I Start?

First, find yourself a reputable online casino that accepts Canadians (see above).

Next, you’ll need to register an account by choosing a login and secure password, then providing some personal information, like your name, address and email.

Double check to make sure your information is 100% accurate before submitting the registration, as it will come back to bite you if you lie or typo any information on the form. Operators are very strict about identity verification!

Verifying Your Identity

This usually won’t come up until you request your first withdrawal, but it’s good to be prepared ahead of time. Before you can cash out any winnings from a real money online casino, you’ll have to submit a few documents to prove you are who you say you are. Don’t worry, this is for your own protection – it’s all about providing maximum security to their account holders.

Required documents will include a valid, government issued photo ID (drivers license, passport, etc.), and any official piece of mail as proof of address (any utility bill in your name will do). You may also be required to scan a copy of whatever payment method you used to make your first deposit (credit/debit card, check, bank statement, etc.)

How Do I Deposit/Withdrawal?

Yes, before you can gamble at a real money online casino in Canada, you’re going to need to put some money on your balance. The good news is you’ll get a nice juicy bonus to fatten your bankroll before you start.

All payments are made through the website’s Banking/Cashier page. To deposit, select the Deposit option, then click the logo of your preferred method. These should include things like credit/debit cards, instant eChecks (ACH), eWallets, etc. Follow the instructions and you’ll be playing for cash in no time.

Withdrawals are handled in the exact same manner, although they can take a bit longer to process. Most gambling sites require a 24-48 hour waiting period before processing, and of course some methods, like check by courier, will take longer than others for reception.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Play responsibly! That’s the most important thing. Never overspend your budget, and try to stick with game you know. If you want to learn the rules of a new game, play in practice mode first.

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