Lucky Lotto Player from Quebec holds $32M Ticket

Who won $32M Lotto Max in Quebec last weekend? Check your tickets now!

Who Won $32M Lotto Max in Quebec? Check your Tickets Now!There’s a new multi-millionaire in Quebec today, but that lucky person may or may not know it. On October 18, 2019, the Lotto MAX drawing resulted in one perfect winner. That one person held the ticket with the exact numbers, and bonus ball, to unleash the massive $32 million jackpot. Yet to date, no one has stepped forward to claim that monumental prize.

We don’t have a whole lot of information to go on. Until someone steps forward, or until enough time passes that it’s worth shedding a bit more light on the situation, lottery regulators are not pin-pointing any particular location. All we know for now is that the ticket was purchased somewhere in the vast province of Quebec.

Who Won the $32 Million Lotto Max in Quebec?

There’s just one ticket out there worth $32 million. It’s certainly not mine, but could it be yours? Did you buy a ticket somewhere in Quebec for last Friday’s Lotto Max drawing? If so, go find it! Dig it out of your purse, wallet, sofa, junk drawer or the console of your car and see if it matches these lucky winning numbers:

03 · 21 · 29 · 37 · 40 · 43 · 44 · BB-38

The holder of this glorious ticket will receive the full $32 million prize, if and when they turn it in. Fortunately, there’s plenty of time for that to happen. A winning ticket does not expire for 52 weeks – one full year after its initial draw date. So the clock is ticking, but it will continue to tick for a good long while before lottery regulators absorb that money back into the system.

There are hundreds of thousands more winners who are cashing in on that valuable drawing this week.

Lucky Lotto Player from Quebec holds $32M Ticket– 599,3889 players matched 3 of 7 numbers, earning a free play in a subsequent Lotto Max drawing.

– 60,166 players collect $20 for matching 3 of 7, including the Bonus Ball of 38.

– 61,212 players also scored $20 for matching 4 of 7 numbers (but not the BB).

– 4,441 matched 4 of 7 numbers, including the BB, worth $52.80 a piece.

– 2,777 won $107.40 after matching 5 of 7 non-BB numbers.

– 39 lucky players matched the 6 regular numbers, but no bonus, worthy of a $5,460.90 payout.

– 2 even luckier lottery players – one in British Columbia and another in Ontario – matched 6 of 7 numbers, including the 38 bonus ball. They’re each celebrating in style after scooping life-altering scores of $106,488.30.

Lotto Winner Waiting for the Opportune Moment?

Is there an unwitting winner out there somewhere in Quebec, or is the lucky ticket holder just waiting for the right moment to visit the claims centre? Most of us would run like the wind to turn in a big winning ticket like that, but it’s becoming more common for players to cool their jets, making plans and preparations before the big trip to lotto heaven.

None have ever intentionally been so patient and disciplined as Bon Truong of Edmonton, Alberta. Easily the most stoic lottery winner in the history of time, 55 year old Truong endured 10 months of consideration and preparation before he even told his wife how much they’d won; 305 days that ticket sat idle in lock box before its owner decided it was time to visit the claim centre. Truong didn’t lose his ticket, but he made certain that neither he, nor anyone in else his family, would lose their head over it. Maybe that sense of precaution is rubbing off on his fellow Canadians.

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