Mobile Friendly Casinos Canada 2018

In terms of availability alone, there is a profusion of mobile friendly casinos for Canadians in 2018, but the results shrink considerably when narrowed by proficiency.

Mobile friendly casinos for Canadians in 2018Technology is a marvelous thing. Modern advancements have brought us everything from computers and the internet, to smartphones and, quite literally, ‘an app for everything‘. These hi-tech capabilities also incubated the global, multi-billion dollar industry that is online gambling.

Mobile casinos have been around a lot longer than most people realize. Microgaming pioneered the first mobile slot machines all the way back in 2003, long before touch screens became the norm. Yes, people actually pressed the number keys and other buttons on their old-school flip-phones to spin the reels. Not a lot of people – hence the fact that most aren’t aware of mobile gambling’s extensive 15 year history – but some.

Even when Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, unveiling a formula that would explode into hi-tech smartphone and tablet development, mobile casinos were still just a speck on the internet’s voluminous map of gambling opportunities. It opened a door to unending possibilities. But it would be five years before any significant number of developers walked through that door.

LeoVegas Takes Mobile Gambling By The Horns

A Swedish company called LeoVegas was the first to truly appreciate the potential of a mobile casino gaming market. The company was launched in 2012 with a never-before-seen focus on “mobile first”. It was the ingenuity of this brand that finally led iGaming operators and software developers to look more closely at the capabilities of a relatively new web coding mark-up language known as HTML5.

Up until this point, no one wanted to bother with mobile assimilation. It was too much work. Operators had to create dual websites, optimized for desktop and mobile. Software companies had an even worse time of it, encouraged to redevelop each game for compatibility with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

HTML5 changed all that. Once programmers realized just how flexible the web coding was, they were able to create a single website that loaded seamlessly on all desktop and mobile devices, as well as a single renditions of each new game that were wholly compatible with every major operating system, without need of a download.

Being the first to grapple the technology and deliver it to the public, whose interest in smartphones and tablets was skyrocketing at that time, LeoVegas immediately shot to the top of the mobile friendly casino totem pole. They remain there to this day, delivering thousands of games, to millions of users, in Canada and beyond.

Mobile Friendly Casinos for Canadians in 2018

Now, several years down the road, you can imagine just how many operators are mimicking the blueprint of LeoVegas. Almost every online casino in cyberspace boasts mobile compatibility. But not all of them welcome Canadian players. And even among those that do, not all are worthy of our CAD deposits.

There’s a huge difference between availability and proficiency. It’s not just software platforms and game variety that separates them, either. The sad fact is, not all operators can be trusted. Not all are regulated in ethically upstanding jurisdictions. Not all put their software through rigorous testing to certify its fairness. Only the most experienced, customer-centric operators are effectual to Canadian players.

A proficient mobile casino will supply a wide variety of games on a certified platform. Microgaming, for example, has undergone monthly testing of its software for more than a decade, certified safe and fair by eCOGRA, the most trusted name in gaming verification. Its portfolio is extensive, supporting more than 400 games in its mobile friendly, instant-play casino.

Royal Vegas Casino, which happens to accept Canadians and employ the Microgaming engine, is licensed in Malta. The gaming laws are so strict here, no operator would dare fail to comply with their high regulatory standards. Thus players know before they ever register an account that their transactions are safe, their information is secure, and their odds of winning are in line with genuine mathematical probabilities.

CAD Payment Methods

Another oft-overlooked qualification of proficiency is the ability to process payments in a manner suitable for Canada’s innumerable players. Not everyone owns a credit card. Of those who do, if the issuing bank happens to host its headquarters in the USA, such deposits might as well trumpet a guarantee of declination.

The most reputable mobile casinos provide a plethora of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, prepaid cards and vouchers, web wallets like Neteller and Skrill, plus direct deposit methods like InstaDebit (eCheck), ACH, and Interact.

Just having viable options isn’t enough, though. International transfers often result in foreign currency exchange, which comes with an annoying fee tacked onto every transaction. Royal Vegas and other qualified Canadian mobile casinos allow players to deposit and withdrawal funds in their own currency, CAD. No currency exchange, no fee.

Due Diligence Always Pays Off

It’s true that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Look beyond the shimmering facade. Mobile friendliness + Canadian acceptance does not always = a perfect union. Those who desire safe, secure and wholly entertaining experience must realize there is so much more to be considered. With dedicated due diligence, you’ll have no trouble sorting through mobile friendly casinos for Canadians in 2018.

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