Is the Largest Casino the Best Casino?

Big casinos have more to offer, but are little casinos better for gaming?

There are more than 5,000 casinos in the world today. The largest number – over 1,900 – are in the United States. Guess who comes in second? According to my sources, it’s Canada, with 219 of them. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The truth is, Canadians do love a good go at the local gaming hall. Not as much as Americans, mind you, but none the less.

This article has little to do with the number of casinos in North America or anywhere else, though. No, today’s subject is more about quality over quantity – specifically, estimating the the quality of a casino based entirely on its size. I know, I know – you should’t judge a book by it’s cover. But like so many things in life, size does matter in the gaming industry. Unlike so many thing sin life, bigger isn’t always better.

Is the Largest Casino the Best Casino?

Every casino offers gaming. Even the smallest gambling hall will have slot machines in it, or at least video lottery terminals (VLTs), which look, play and feel like slots, but work just different enough on the inside to be called something else. If that’s all they have (plus maybe bingo), they’re actually “slots parlours”, not casinos, so we won’t include those.

Las Vegas Strip Big Casinos have More to OfferThe establishments we’re talking about are real casinos – ones with slots, table games, and video poker at the least. If not the quantities, the types of games they offer are generally the same. Otherwise, there are some very distinct differences between the world’s largest casinos and their diminutive little cousins.

Big Casinos have More to Offer

The most obvious advantage of visiting the world’s biggest casinos is that they have so much to offer their guests. Luxury hotels with endless rooms; multiple dining options, lounges and bars; massive theatres that host everything from live concerts and magic shows to A-list comedians; retail shops, golf courses, wave pools; so many things to do you’d have to stay at least a week to experience it all.

They call these integrated resorts, or destination casinos. And while it’s true, you could spend a whole vacation here and never feel the need to leave the property, all of those amenities come at a very high cost. And if you think you’re getting a good rate on your room, ask how much it’s going to cost after they add in all the resort fees and taxes (make sure you’re sitting down first).

What if you only intend to do some gambling? They don’t charge you to walk in the door, do they? No, of course not. And you’ll find more slots and table games than you could possibly imagine. But they’ll get you there too. Those blackjack tables will have limits starting around $25 per hand. Those slot machine often have the lowest RTPs on the continent!

If you have unlimited money to spend on this venture, by all means, go to a big casino resort and have a blast! Otherwise, consider a small-time locals casino.

Little Casinos Better for Gaming

Locals Casino, Northern Lights - Little casinos better for gamingA small casino won’t have a hotel. It will offer some type of dining – maybe a dinner restaurant or a buffet and a bar, but that’s about it. There are no concert halls. The only comedic activity is coming from the old married couple arguing in the parking lot over what to watch on TV when they get home. The only retail shop will be the little gift store, where key chains and coffee mugs are the order of the day.

Once again, however, we come to the question – what if you only intend to do some gambling? That’s where you’ll find the little guys have the best casino games. There might only be a few blackjack tables, but the limits will start at $5 or $10 at most. The slot machines tend to offer better payouts of around 92%, because they know word of mouth will get around town fast if their slots are hot. The only better slots RTPs you’ll find are online, and sometimes spinning the reels on your desktop or mobile phone just isn’t as satisfying.

So the next time you’re thinking of heading south for a big casino experience, consider what you really want out of it. If it’s all the thrills and chills of a Vegas Strip adventure, go for it! It’s a more relaxed atmosphere with reasonable prices and better payouts, find a small locals casino to get your wager on.

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