The Hunt for Legitimate Casinos Canada Players can Trust

Legitimate Casinos CanadaThe world wide web is flooded with online gambling websites. There are well over 3,500 of them currently in operation. Today, we’ll talk about what classifies operators at legitimate casinos Canada players can trust with the sensitive personal and financial information.

The biggest problem with using money over the internet is security. But there are many other questions that can arise as well.

  • – Is the website your sending money to secure enough to protect your information?

  • – Does the business have any substantial longevity to ensure it won’t disappear from the enigmatic realm of cyberspace, taking your funds right along with it?

  • – Does the operator even accept Canadian players?

  • – Are there enough fast, secure payment methods to suit your needs?

  • – Can Canadians actually deposit and withdrawal in CAD?

These are all very important questions that everyone should be asking before they join any real money online gambling site. The fact is, when it comes to legitimate casinos, Canada gamblers will find they are in the minority.

Legitimate Casinos Canada

All of the questions above should give you some idea of where I’m going with this. I’ll explain why a tick in the ‘Yes‘ column is so important in each of these categories in order for operators to qualify as legitimate casinos Canada gamblers can trust.


This is an obvious one. If a website isn’t secure, you certainly wouldn’t want to send them your personal and financial data. Any decent hacker would be able to intercept that information, using it to steal your identity and/or commit fraud by purchasing items under whatever payment method you deposited with.

You can ensure the security of legitimate casinos in several ways. First, the URL address bar should display a Padlock symbol, followed by the word Secure, and “https://” before the domain name (see example below).

Legitimate Casinos Canada Security

You can also check the bottom of the website for security certificate logos, like these.

Secure SSL Certificate Logos


The longer an operator has been around, the more likely it is to fit in among today’s legitimate casinos. Simply put, a duplicitous website wouldn’t last very long before everyone learned about it. You won’t generally find this information on the website, unless it’s a really old one that proudly displays its establishment date.

Fortunately, there’s a nifty trick you can use here. Go to Google and enter this in the search bar, with quotations, (change ‘casino name‘ to the name of the casino you want to look up):

casino name” “established in”

For example, when I look up “Royal Vegas” “established in”, the first page of results all seem to agree that it was founded in 2000. Some say 2001, but either way, that tells me it was founded 16-17 years ago, and that it’s a very old gambling website.

Canadians Accepted

To find what you would consider legitimate casinos, Canada players have to be accepted. Just because an operator is on the up and up, it won’t do you any good if you can’t play there.

You can generally find this out by looking at the top of the website for a language drop-down menu. If there’s a Canadian flag saying English or Françias, you’re good to go. If you don’t find this, you can always open a quick live chat and ask customer support.

If you can’t find a live chat option, don’t bother. That’s a good sign that you should probably continue searching elsewhere.

Payment Methods

Always check out the full list of payment methods. You’re looking for two things here. First off, you want options that suit your needs, whether that’s credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, eWallets or bank transfers and ACH (instant eCheque).

Secondly, look at how many methods are available. A short list means the operator didn’t bother to expand its payments above the absolute minimum, while a longer list means the operator expects to be around a long time, and is working hard to accommodate as many players as possible.

Basically, longer lists equate to legitimate casinos Canada gamblers can rely on to process timely payments.

CAD Deposits & Withdrawals

While this last bit isn’t imperative, it’s certainly worth looking out for, as it will save you some extra money in the long run. When an operator allows players to deposit and withdrawal in their own currency, it means the player won’t have to fork over any of their bankroll or winnings to pay for exchange fees.

This falls in line with the preference of an excessive payments list. Today’s most reputable casinos will provide as many conveniences as possible for players, supplying a wide range of payment methods to make sure all major currencies are covered. Visit the Banking page and the deposit/withdrawal options should list what currencies they are available in.

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