The Unwritten Rules of Gift Card Gambling

Gambling with gift cards has become so popular around the world in the past decade that many loyal to the sport have actually come up with a series of strategies to give them the highest possible advantage inside online casinos and sportsbooks. While you are certainly free go gamble however you want, here is five unwritten tips to make your gambling adventures at Bet365 and other casinos as profitable as possible.

Start with Even Money

A lot of people will deposit their gift card at Bet365 and immediately make a foolish bet at a roulette table or some other game with huge odds; this is certainly not the way to go. Even though some of those 35:1 wagers may seem attractive, you have less than a 2% overall chance of winning them on a single bet.

Instead, start with blackjack, Pai Gow, or one of the other casino games that pay out true 1:1 odds. If you’re set on roulette then be content to bet on red/black or odd/even until you build up a little bit of a chip stack; games like this give you up to a 49.5% chance of winning.

Create Odds with Deposit Bonuses

Another unwritten rule of gift card gambling is to always find an online casino with instant deposit bonuses that lets you use that money immediately. Our loyal readers probably already know that we favor Bet365 since they have great house odds and more wagers available than anyone else, but we also like them because they will match any gift card amount up to $400 on your first deposit. This instantly does one of two things; it doubles your overall chances of winning or it lets you play for twice the amount of money each hand without additional risk. Both sound seriously good to us.

Move towards Bigger Bets with Profit

One of the coolest things about gambling with gift cards is that you can not possibly lose; you started the day with none of your own money involved and in a worst case scenario that’s how it would end. While serious gamblers usually start out with the safe bets inside a casino or sportsbook, eventually at some point you will want to add a little bit of risk to your calculations and take a chance at big money.

It may be a long-shot thoroughbred in a featured race or it might be picking numbers in roulette, but with money in hand you can offset any losses by placing a value bet for the same amount on something with much better odds. For example, after winning some money at blackjack, you may want to start playing the side bets to give yourself an opportunity to build a huge bankroll much faster.

Set a Realistic Goal

Of course, at some point you will have to take your profits and walk away, so it’s a good idea to always have a number in mind for when you’ll actually quit. If you were gambling with your own money it may be something like ten times you initial deposit, but since gift card gambling is free money then it’s okay to go a little bit higher. The important part is to have a definitive cutoff point and stick to it once you reach that goal; that’s what all professional gamblers do in this type of situation.

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