Turning Gift Cards into Serious Cash

If there’s one thing that any gambler truly appreciates, it is getting free money to use inside an online casino or sportsbook. The idea of placing wagers with free money does quite a little number on our human psyche, and often it allows us to gamble without the fear of common mistakes, foolish wagers, or dire consequences. Giving someone a gift card for the purpose of gambling can sometimes make them play at a much higher level than they even thought was possible.

Boosting a Gambler’s Confidence

Even though it sounds good on paper, you probably do not believe that. To prove this theory, let’s propose three different wagers…just between you and me.

Wager #1- I’ll bet you $100 that my favorite sports team will beat yours in their upcoming match-up this weekend.

Wager #2- Even though the sportsbooks say that my team is a eight point favorite over yours, I’ll give you two to one odds on any bet and spot you ten points.

Wager #3- My favorite sports team will definitely beat yours. I’m so confident; in fact, I’ll give you $100 if your team can somehow pull off the victory.

A serious gambler may or may not bet on their favorite team to win if it looks like a tough contest; even though they fully expect for them to win. On that same note, however, if someone is offered free money just for giving his opinion, then there would be very few people who wouldn’t accept that challenge. Either way you’re supporting the exact same team, but with a free gift card you’re much more likely to place that wager.

The second wager is the one that happens the most frequently with gift card deposits though, and the funny thing is that most people do not even realize it. If Las Vegas sets the odds of a contest at eight points, then the great online sportsbooks like Bet365 usually give you around ten point to make the wager. We will get to the two to one odds in the next section.

Quick Double-Ups

Another great thing about gift card gambling is that it automatically pays you back as soon as you sign up at a top online casino or sportsbook like Bet365. They give all first-time gamblers a 100% match deposit bonus right from the start and it’s not like those shady deals you see elsewhere where you have to place a thousand bets just to see any free money. The deposit bonus at Bet365 is available the very instant that you make your first deposit and you can use it to wager on the very first game you play.

Betting it All

The greatest thing about gift card gambling may be that the money is not yours, so once you get a win or two under your belt it is easy to get carried away. For example, let’s say that you decide to play blackjack at Bet365 and you start with a $50 gift card. The bonus turns that into $100 (which gives you instant 2:1 odds) and the game itself will feel much less intimidating, so you’re much more likely to stick to an aggressive strategy and walk away a big winner.

For example, many of you may have read about our recent Bet365 office challenge where everyone was given a $10 gift card and told to make it into $1,000. Out of our twenty employees there were three of us who actually made it happen, plus several others quit with anywhere between $50 and $200 in their pockets. Now, three people in twenty may not sound like fantastic percentages but they made 100 times their initial deposit…all because they were gambling with someone else’s money and they played fearlessly. Overall, over 45% of our office profited at least ten times the initial deposit, and that’s some truly fantastic overall odds.

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