FedEx Poker Deposits Canada (UPDATED FOR 2017)

The world of online poker is in a state of constant change. Between the battles in Europe between land-based and online casino gaming ventures and the shifting legal sands of American online gaming, nothing is ever the same in web-based poker from one day to the next. Canadians are starting to feel the pinch, with many Canadian financial institutions closing their doors to online gaming transactions.

Though no laws have yet appeared on the books that force these institutions to make such changes, an anticipated shift in Canada’s policy toward online gaming was enough to convince most financial groups to stop processing payments back and forth between online poker players and their gaming providers. Although, these restrictions have been taking place since 2012/2013, and 4/5 years later we’re still in the same place.

What Are FedEx Poker Deposits?

Payments made to and from an online casino using FedEx as a courier are called FedEx poker deposits. In Canada, FedEx has been used as a courier for years, and as a courier for online gaming payments for as long as Canadians have had access to online gaming. Basically, FedEx picks up a check from a customer or from an online gaming site and delivers it using their standard FedEx courier service. Using FedEx this way is just like using a private courier.

Before banks stopped allowing direct transactions between Canadians and poker sites, FedEx was mostly used by poker sites as a way of sending checks to their customers, though deposits were allowed, they were far from the most convenient way to deposit cash in your poker site cashier account. Now that you can’t use some credit cards or most banks to make deposits, more Canadians wanting to fund their account are turning to couriers like FedEx.

Requirements for Canadians to Use FedEx Deposits

Using FedEx as a courier for payments to and from your online poker account is just like using FedEx for any other purpose. According to FedEx, the policies for Canadians are pretty simple. To send a payment to an online gaming site with FedEx as courier simply head to the nearest FedEx counter or kiosk with your check and the address of the poker site’s cashier. Usually this is a very specific address, designed that way so that your payment gets to and from the cashier as quickly as possible.

The fee you pay will depend on your location, the location you’re sending the check to, and any other fees that come up based on your individual needs. Every FedEx shipment will be a little different, and in this case the weight of the item you’re sending plays a big part.

Unless you’re sending your payment overnight or with some other special instructions, expect to pay just a few bucks to send your payment in. The low fee associated with using FedEx as a courier for your online poker account transfer is a big reason for this method’s recent jump in popularity.

Canadian FedEx Online Poker Sites

We recommend Titan Poker for Canadian poker players who want to use FedEx to send payments directly to their poker site cashier. Titan Poker accepts payments via FedEx, offer withdrawals via FedEx, and is among the best Canadian-facing poker sites online.

Titan Poker Accepts Fedex

Titan Poker is a favorite for Canadian players for many reasons. For starters, it is a recognizable name for poker players, since it’s the flagship room of the iPoker network. Fans of Playtech software should be happy with the software at Titan, since Playtech designed the iPoker network software. Titan Poker will happily accept FedEx poker deposits from Canadians.

Their first deposit bonus offer is a 200% match up to $2,000 as of this writing. Titan Poker also has a tournament lineup to please everyone, with more than $15 million in guaranteed prize money every 30 days. Other high marks for Titan Poker come for their customer support program, the 15 different languages that they communicate and provide software in, and their software. Use FedEx to deposit to your Titan Poker account and get around the hassle of third-party payment processors.

Canadian Regulations about FedEx Deposits

FedEx has been doing business in Canada for decades, and the Canadian government has no beef with using FedEx as a courier for payments to Canadian poker room accounts. Since online poker is still totally legal in the borders of Canada, there are no regulations or laws that would prevent a Canadian from using FedEx as a private courier for poker account deposits.

FedEx is a huge company with a long-standing reputation for delivering packages and communications of all kind. Besides your own bank, there are few ways to send payments and receive withdrawals to online gaming sites that are even as secure and reliable as a courier like FedEx. There are other courier services available to Canadians as well, and any of them should be just as easy and inexpensive to use for sending cash back and forth to your poker account as FedEx.

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