The Diamond Mountain Hotel California

The Diamond Mountain Resort and Casino in Susanville, California offers their customers blackjack, poker, slot machines, and a number of other exciting games. This rustic looking destination is nestled among some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find on the West Coast and it also offers several affordable amenities such as great dining and modern conference rooms. A large portion of this destination’s clientele comes from the business world so it’s not really geared towards high rollers or VIP’s, but the quality is definitely there nonetheless.

The Diamond Mountain Rewards Overview

The rewards program at Diamond Mountain leaves a lot to be desired; it simply features a cash-back program and a few other random promotions. Since this is primarily the type of hotel/casino resort that is designed for business meetings and conferences, we assume that they do not expect frequent repeat business.

The Diamond Mountain Rewards- The Good

For every dollar wagered inside Diamond Mountain, players earn one loyalty point. Loyalty points are converted at a 250:1 ratio as cash-back, meaning that gamblers would have to wager a total of $25,000 to receive $100 in completely free money. Although this may sound like quite a lot, $100 hands at a blackjack table for an hour can often reach this rewards level.

Diamond Mountain also offers a number of loyalty incentives for their rewards program clients. Daily scratch offs and free play opportunities are abundant, along with several other minor perks. There are also numerous types of promotions and giveaways designed to draw in local residents as well.

The Diamond Mountain Rewards- The Bad

Diamond Mountain simply was not designed with a rewards program in mind, which is unfortunate since the level of play is extremely good at this location. They do not offer any of the regular comps like free rooms or meals that you’d find at other popular California locations intentionally, simply because they believe that the various business trades will constantly supply them a steady stream of gamblers.

The Diamond Mountain Rewards- Overall

In all honesty, Diamond Mountain may possibly be one of California’s nicest overall casinos with one of the absolute worst loyalty programs around. Even though all of the other elements are present, this one factor is enough to keep it permanently off a serious gambler’s radar and it does not seem to bother the management a bit. Perhaps in the future this stance will change; but for now we advise that you take your business (and your leisurely gaming) elsewhere.

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