What Your Deposit Option Says About You

Have you ever read one of those Buzzfeed posts┬áthat say something like, “what your favorite color tells about your love life?” Well, I hate to admit that I’ve read one as well, and it was obviously a bunch of lies since I do not like quiet, romantic evenings in front of the fireplace. There are a lot of things in our lives that do define us, however, and which method of deposit you choose is certainly one of them. Here’s what your deposit option at online casinos says about you:

Credit/Debit Card

Using a debit or credit card as an online casino deposit option shows that you do not like to mess around. When you’re ready to gamble then its all business, and since only the quickest deposit option will do then you trust the security provided by Visa and MasterCard. You are also more likely to bounce from casino to casino, which doesn’t always work out in your favor.

Third Party Processing Businesses

Using a third party payment site like UKash or UseMyWallet shows that you know how to get around boundaries when they pop up in your way. You’re not only savvy on the Internet when it comes to finding out information or researching a topic, but you’re also a smart gambler that usually has good control of their money when you’re inside online casinos like Bet365.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers normally come from more conservative gamblers and you often do not stick to your betting strategies because you get a little nervous playing for big money. Your overall strategy is solid, however, and more often than not you’ll walk away from an online casino as a winner.

Order/Wire Transfer

If money orders and wire transfers are usually your main deposit source at online casinos, it’s a little bit harder to judge your motivations. On one hand, this payment method shows that you are very careful with your wagers and you rarely make a stupid bet. On the other hand, however, you are also able to bet big under pressure and build up some fantastic winning streaks when the table is right.

Cash/Check by Mail

I apologize in advance, because those who send checks or cash by mail are obviously stuck back in 1994. You are very set in your ways and you rarely try out new variations of your favorite games, which is why other players consider you somewhat of a tight player. Then again, you also know how to play your favorite game perfectly and you are sometimes the guy that takes the casino completely by surprise.

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