Canadian Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu on Mike Matusow

Canadian Poker Pro Daniel NegreanuI came across a very interesting podcast interview this week with Canada’s most renowned poker pro, Daniel Negreanu. He spoke of many issues with the poker world today, hitting on topics like the growth of live poker, the efficacy of live streaming on Twitch, and how seniors are being attracted to the felt.

The conversation also led to subjects like the Presidential election in the United States, and recent controversy surrounding William Kassouf. One of the most intriguing topics (in my opinion) was Negreanu’s relationship – or lack thereof – with fellow poker pro Mike ‘The Mouth‘ Matusow.

Daniel Negreanu on mike Matusow

“What is the status of your personal relationship with Mike Matusow?” he was asked.

Daniel Negreanu was quick to respond, stating right off the top, “I’m not friends with Mike Matusow.”

He went on to explain that “There’s a personal issue I have with him where he’s stolen from me.”

He called it one of the “worst cases” he’s ever experienced. “I have people who owe me money,” he said. “But nobody’s ever actually, physically stole from me in the way that he did.”

Unfortunately, Daniel didn’t elaborate on the intricacies of the alleged theft. “I haven’t gone public with the exact details of that,” he said.

It’s not known precisely when this all took place either. Back in 2007, Negreanu wrote a rather warm and tingly blog post on FullContactPoker. He apologized to Mike Matusow for incessantly degrading his gameplay during a High Stakes Poker broadcast in which Daniel played co-host / commentator.

“I was obviously poking fun at Mike, but that’s mainly because I’ve known him for years and we have been friends for a long time,” Daniel wrote on that now antiquated post.

Obviously, those days are long gone now.

Political Differences Contribute to Bad Blood

Negreanu went on to describe another topic on which he and Mike Matusow clearly disagree – US politics.

Mounted a top the Canadian poker pro’s previous reasoning behind their lack of friendship, Negreanu said, “I know a couple of people that are voting for [Donald] Trump that I’m fine with. We can have a conversation. We’re fine, because they’re voting for him based on… the fact that they hate Hillary [Clinton] more, or whatever.”

Anyone who’s read Mike’s recent social media posts knows he doesn’t fall into that category.

“But Mike, as being a devout Trump supporter, somebody who believes in Trump’s stance and the things that he says and what he wants to do for this country… We just don’t have anything in common and I don’t want those kind of people in my life.”

Poker Pro Trio Blow Up Twitter

There was actually an incident back in July between Matusow, Negreanu, and another famous poker pro, Erik Seidel, relating to their support of US Presidential candidates.

Erik – clearly a Clinton fan – posted the following quote on Twitter: “if Trump wins and gets nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization”

Mike jibed back with: “Eric I thought you don’t do drugs?”

Daniel – never one to reserve his opinions – lashed back with the following: “@themouthmatusow @Erik_Seidel says the guy who has a fried brain from years of drug use and still on buckets of pills”

It’s fairly obvious from Daniel Negreanu’s comments that his former friendship with ‘The Mouth’ had already come to an unceremonious end when he typed that comment, considered to be “unnecessary” and “way out of line” by the majority of the live and online poker community.

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