How to Beat Craps with Dice Control

Craps Dice Control: Does it really work to beat the casino?

Craps Dice ControlCraps is one of those casino games most people either love or hate. The vast majority of those in the second column dislike the game simply because they don’t understand it. They’re intimidated by boisterous and frequently ostentatious crowds, and believe the odds are too far gone to be profitable.

Simply knowing the rules will eliminate that first trepidation. And in its standard format, it’s true – craps odds are not the best in the casino. If you walked in an started tossing the dice, there’s every chance you’ll lose. There’s no mathematical strategy to apply, and the results are entirely random. The history of the dice will have no impact on future outcomes or probabilities, much like the toss of a coin.

But what if there were a way to control the outcome? What if you could influence the dice to land on a number, or group of numbers, that benefit you as a shooter? Some might say that’s cheating. But so long as you are using the casino’s dice to do it, it’s not cheating. It’s a perfectly acceptable craps strategy known as “dice control”.

Craps Dice Control – Does it Really Work?

Beat Craps with Dice ControlIf a shooter goes on a hot streak that lasts 15+ minutes, you could call that luck. If they run the dice for half an hour, even that might be a very good run of luck. But when a single shooter’s session lasts an hour or more, that’s not luck. That’s dice control! And odds are, the 15-30 minute sessions were too.

You may not have witnessed a run like this in person, but many people have. It’s been documented multiple times. Some sources are unconfirmed, but others are 100% reliable. Industry insider Madeliene Bizub actually debunked a tale of how someone spent four hours beating craps with dice control at the Horseshoe Tunica in 1999.

Bizub was there when it happened. When rumors became exaggerated, as they often do, she was quick to give the correct version of the story. It did not happen at the Horseshoe, but the adjacent Sheraton Casino, and it lasted a little over two hours, not four. But it did happen.

Pro gambler Michael Konick wrote of a craps player he called ‘Fast Eddie‘ (for anonymity purposes) who turned a $100 buy-in into $250,000. Not once, but four times! If you think that’s luck, think again. The stories go on and on, but let’s get to the good part.

How to Beat Craps with Dice Control

Learn Craps Dice Control with Golden Touch Dice Control RevolutionThe trick to beating craps is learning how to effectively use dice control. It’s not an easy task. I should know – I’ve tried. I never was able to get it down consistently enough to gain any real value from it. But I’ve seen it done. You just need good motor skills, muscle memory, and the patience to practice, practice, practice!

I’d recommend picking up the book Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution: How to Win at Craps using a Controlled Dice Throw, by Frank Scoblete and Dominator. Within, you’ll learn the techniques of craps dice control (with pictures) and lots of other useful tips, including wager tactics and budgeting your bankroll based on your skill level.

And if all else fails – if you simply don’t have the skillset to learn effective control (not everyone does) – keep an eye out in the casino for those who do. If you notice a shooter on a long streak, watch them. Are they setting the dice just so before each toss? If so, bet on them. They clearly have experience beating craps with dice control.

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