Canada a Leader in Gaming Technology Innovation

CGA explicates Canada’s forefront position in gaming innovation.CGA Explicates Canada’s Forefront Position in Gaming Innovation

For many, many years, Canada has enjoyed a healthy revenue stream from multiple gaming verticals. From centuries old horse racing, to Olympic-funding lotteries, to some of the world’s most respected land-based and online casino operations, Canada is a clear leader in the global gaming industry.

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has long applauded the collective efforts of the nation’s vested interests. Canada’s gaming market doesn’t just survive, it thrives; not by treading upon the footsteps of innovating pioneers, but by leaving its own footsteps for others to follow.

CGA Explicates Canada’s Forefront Position in Gaming Innovation

Technology is at the epicenter of almost every major modern industry. It is the reason you’re viewing this text on a back-lit screen, as opposed to a magazine, book or loose sheet of paper. Technology is all around us, and it’s had a substantial impact on the way we see and conduct gaming. It is the driving force behind access points, player tools, loyalty programs, and a steady influx of new products and games.

According to the CGA, Canada’s contributions to innovation in gaming are industriously recognizable, and universally appreciated. “The originality, strength, and impact of the Canadian gaming industry on the global scene are already well-known,” says the nation’s principal gaming advocacy group.

“The pace at which the industry continues to evolve is relentless, and Canada remains at the forefront – its companies, technologies, products, and expertise are in constant demand.”

Canada is particularly famous for its innovative contributions in the “dynamic, user-friendly and multi-dimensional” delivery of crucial information to players. These efforts are fostering the greatest breakthroughs in social responsibility the industry has ever seen, including products with built-in features, interactive knowledge bases, and user-friendly web and card-based information portals.

Canadian Technology Powering the Future of Gaming

It’s not just the responsibility factor or the way we access games that Canadian technology is helping to evolve. It is also the games themselves. Design capabilities have become so much more advanced. Our nation has long played a key role in the evolution of gaming. More than twenty years ago, technology brought us out of land-based casinos and onto desktop and laptop computers. Now, technology is putting those games directly in our hands via mobile smartphones and tablets.

It is Canada’s commitment to embracing continuous change that has position this great nation at the forefront of gaming innovation. Through omni-channel gaming opportunities, Canada’s productions are consistently appealing to each new generation of gambling-aged clientele.

“From mobile wagering and marketing, to providing entertainment experiences that millennials will enjoy, the Canadian gaming industry is always looking for fresh ideas,” said the CGA.

Areas Where CGA Recognizes Need for Improvement

Canada is not perfect by any means. There are two key areas where the CGA admits Canada is failing to lead in gaming innovation. These include the provision of legal, single-event sports betting, and the internationally-friendly regulation of online gambling.

The Association’s CEO and President Paul Burns has spoken at length about Canada’s critical need extend its legal sports wagering options beyond Pro-Line parlays, to the much more appealing odds of straight-up betting. “We share the Minister’s view that it’s time to end the gambling prohibition era and allow sports bettors access to the product they want,” said Burns in a press release last April.

At the same time, he applauded Ontario’s attempt to pass legislation that would remove the ring-fenced nature of OLG’s federally mandated monopoly on internet gambling. The Criminal Code does not allow for international operators to compete in Canada’s gambling market. However, the Ontario government believes – and the CGA agrees – it would stop so many of the province’s onling gamblers from logging into offshore websites to satisfy their iGaming needs.

“We have seen significant growth in the amount of wagering with offshore websites and we welcome the move to create a regulatory system for offshore sites to better protect consumers,” said Burns.

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