Winners, Promos and Online Tourneys at Canada Casino

The premier online casino and poker room of Quebec, Canada, EspaceJeux, has produced quite the mound of headline worthy topics lately. From big-time winners, to hot casino promos, to surprise freeroll tournaments – this Canada casino is smoking like a chimney over Mount St. Helens.

Starting with the traditional gambling side of things, Canada casino buffs will be glad to know there is a big $10k giveaway happening this month, and all you have to do for a chance at $250 to $1,000 in cash is play Monopoly or the Wheel of Fortune slot. That’s not exactly true, you can play any online casino game you wish, so long as you’re playing for real money. EspaceJeux is just pushing these specific amusements as their featured games.

The promo kicked off on December 5th, but players still have a week to earn a slice of raffle pie. There are two separate pools to win from, each valued at $5,000.

The first half of the cash pile will be awarded to 20 players in $250 chunks. Players can earn one entry to the prize draw every day just for placing any real-money wager at the Canada casino.

The second $5k pool will be paid in $1,000 lumps to 5 players. You can earn as many entries to this raffle as you want, as opposed to the one-a-day structure of the first raffle, but you will need a tidy bankroll and a fortuitous nature. Every single wager of $50 or more will grant one entry.

But wait – don’t just go jumping into the Canada casino’s games menu and start wagering! In order to be eligible to win any of the prizes, you must first register for the event. Log into your EspaceJeux account, click on My Promotions and enter the promo code “ROUE594”.

What else is going on at EspaceJeux? How about a mass of surprise poker tournaments worth $100,000? Some will be freerolls, while others will have variable buy-ins designed to fit all budgets. Some will be thrown onto the tournament roster anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours before the start time, and others will have secret passcodes to register, cleverly hidden within clues under Tournament Info.

There will be $80k worth of prize pools throughout the promotion, ending with a scheduled $20k GTD on Sunday, January 20, 2013. Only 100 seats are available for the finale, and the only way to claim one is to win it by being in the top 50 qualifying tournament winners, or top 50 PxP (poker experience point) earners throughout the promotional period.

Last but not least, congratulations are in order for a few lucky members of the Canada casino. In the last two weeks, five lucky members of EspaceJeux released online slot progressive jackpots valued between $1,644 and $16,231. The largest went to Bang N. of Saint Laurent playing the Caribbean Stud Poker slot machine. The biggest prize of late went to Pierre Brochu of Outaouais, who won the massive Chests of Plenty progressive jackpot on October 30, pocketing an enormous check for $680,999.

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