Big Winners Paid Over $200k at Red Flush Online Casino

The online casino industry hasn’t been particularly hot lately. A jackpot here, a big free spin multiplier hit there, but no major sequential headlines have made the news in regards to super-sized payouts. Thus we find it all the more interesting that Red Flush Casino hasn’t just paid one big winner in the last week, but four of them.

Four lucky players received ultra high payouts at the online casino last week alone, totaling more than $200k in payouts. They might not have been life-changing multi-million dollar amounts, but the frequency of these wins is nothing to scoff at, and the online casino’s head of marketing couldn’t be more proud.

The biggest winner of all was J.O. of Norway who hauled in a whopping NOK-125,159.46, which translates roughly to $21,814 CAD. Even more interestingly, those payouts didn’t come in a single win, but multiple big hits on several games including the highest amount from AWP Spin Magic.

G.Y. of Australia was quite fortuitous as well, raking in multiple lucrative wins on various online slots. This player racked up $12,350 AUD on the Asian Beauty slot game in one go, and another $4,500 AUD on the same game. The player also rang in for $10,550 AUD on the Mystique Grove slot and $6,400 AUD playing Around the World. All told, G.Y. cashed out for a staggering $60,437.75 AUD, (approximately $62,819 CAD).

Another Australian member of the Red Flush online casino, E.W., found himself the lucky recipient of a colossal $55,274.35 AUD ($57,452 CAD) win while spinning the reels of the Dolphin Tale Bonus Slot. European online casino grinder M.K. hit an equally impressive win on the Gold Factory Video Slots, wrangling in an amazing €53,624.41 ($68,181 CAD).

Rake it all together (converting it into a single currency for the sake of convenience) and we find that Red Flush Online Casino paid out a phenomenal $210,266 (CAD). For online casino enthusiasts, it isn’t so much the amount that raises eyebrows but, again, the frequency and multiplicity of big wins that is most alluring.

“We are very happy for all our winners – especially those who won extra amounts,” expressed an elated promotions manager for Red Flush Online Casino, Alex Roberts. “Red Flush Casino prides itself on being the online casino where winning big is not a distant, hoped-for possibility, but a reality that comes true for hundreds of players every day.”

If particularly high payout percentages aren’t enough to entice players, the online casino has many more attractants to bring in new players and retain the loyalty of its long-time members. Signing up a new account grants a triple-bonus on the first three deposits worth 100% up to $/€/£200 on the initial purchase, 50% up to $/€/£100 on the second and 25% up to $/€/£400 on the third deposit, plus $/€/£50 free each month for the first 6 months of membership; a total value of $/€/£1,000. For existing members, Red Flush Casino offers valuable loyalty specials, multi-player tournaments and a weekly promotions calendar that includes deposit bonus boosters, free slots spin and cash-back rewards.

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